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The U.S. Education: Effect of Poverty


Poverty: Collection of several factors befalling an individual, family or a group of people such that it becomes exceedingly impossible for such a person, family or group of people to provide for the basic human needs.

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Effect of Economic Limitations Due to Poverty

  • Low economic status leads to poor education, as many do not afford to meet the high cost of education in colleges and universities, and instead, acquire basic education and avoid tertiary education (Brandy-Smith, Fauth, and Brooks-Gunn Para.4).
  • Low education levels on the other hand, propagates the continuation of poverty over the generations as low education levels mean poor employment and low income.
  • as the cost increasingly becomes higher. Poverty affects living standards of people as well as college education in the United States of America.

Effect of Poverty on Elementary Schools the United States

  • Elementary schools, in poverty stricken areas do not have qualified school tutors, as they have little skills to offer to the students, thus leading to production of unqualified students who cannot further their education in higher institutions of learning such as colleges.
  • Low annual registration of new students in the colleges leads to a gradual collapse of college education.
  • Students with poor elementary backgrounds do not satisfactorily qualify to meet the professional challenges even after the college education, making fighting poverty difficult (Amaral para.4).

Effects of Lack of Finances

  • Over reliance on scholarships and education loans
  • Overcrowding in public colleges.
  • Students juggle between fulltime jobs and classes thus reducing performance.
  • Poor diet and health status hence affecting performance of students.
  • Skipping of lessons which lead to unqualified graduates.

Poverty on College Education

  • Enrolment levels reduce because of poor performance from secondary schools which kill college competitiveness of the academic programs offered
  • Children from poor economic backgrounds attend local tertiary colleges while those with good economic backgrounds attend national and international colleges where they graduate with better qualifications (Glasmerier Para. 25).
  • Mississippi was 11.00%,
  • Alabama was 20.10%,
  • Louisiana was 49.10%,
  • Ohio was 10.60%,
  • Utah was 9.20%.

Poverty on College Education, Continued

  • Reduction of exposure to poverty stricken among college students. Such as educational tours, educational excursions and making educational trips that help enlighten and open up the minds of college students
  • In the end, high poverty level affects the U.S economic development in that poor professionalism compel companies to invest into education of their staffs, hence incurring more expenses.

In Conclusion

  • Poverty is still rampant in both developing and developed countries and poses a threat not only to the economic, social and political aspects of life, but also on education as a major requirement for sustenance of life.
  • In the United States, poverty affects college education negatively as it impairs good education.
  • Poverty effects on education would stretch to other aspects of life and this justifies that, poverty in United States not only affects social lifestyles but also college education.

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