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How Poverty Affects Early Education?

State what population (who) you plan to study

The population under analysis are children in poverty.

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Describe the problem that you are interested in studying (e.g., what is the problem/issue, how many people have it, etc). What intervention do you intend to use to impact the problem?

The question regarding poverty and how it affects early education seems to be one of the most discussed and argued. As a matter of fact, the modern world still faces the same issues as the society struggled with from early times. Poverty is one of the examples of the eternal problems that are not likely to be ever solved. However, humankind should take the appropriate measures to reduce the level of poverty as it affects not only the fiscal side but the health of the generation as well. The major purpose of the paper is to evaluate how poverty impacts the academic success of children.

A number of people live in poor conditions. According to the researchers of the Department of Education in the United States, poverty influences academic performance in an adverse way (Lacour & Tissington, 2011). The Department of Education conducted the experiment that reflected the implications that poverty has on education. The students under consideration were from grades three to five from seventy schools. The results proved that children who lived in a poor environment showed bad results. Taking into consideration the economic crises and drawbacks of the educational system, one should keep in mind that the improvement of the economic condition will beneficially impact the children’s academic performance.

Rhian Evans Allvin, the director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, notes:

There’s an explosion of activity in the first five years of life, more profound than any future years. If we can capitalize on that and maximize the support and learning opportunities, then we really stand a good chance of setting young children on a trajectory of success (Skarda, 2014).

At an early age, the brain faces intense development, social, cognitive skills, as well as character development. That is, the surrounding plays a crucial role. Poverty usually results in a lack of food, clothes, and a poor household. These characteristics impact the development of the brain and lead to worse functioning. To impact the problem, psychological therapies should be used to increase motivation and improve the self-esteem of children in poverty.

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Answer the “So What” question. Why is it important to study what you are proposing to study? What don’t we know about this issue? Why is it important to know more? What impact will the study have on the participants? What implications will the study have in terms of reduction in suffering? costs? Etc.

The sphere of education should receive the priority as it influences the future development of the country. A number of studies have already proved the benefits that education gives for personality and community, among them are economic and social profit. However, poverty is an obstacle to the achievement of the goal as not every child from the poor family can attend early education programs and integrate into the community.

The issue is significant to take into account as early education contributes to the positive development of the human being and has an impressive impact on the results the person shows in the future. According to recent researches, children, who start education before three years show better academic performance and become more successful. The implementation of early education programs will be beneficial not only for children but for the government as well. However, children from poor families do not have a chance to attend such programs. The study can open the early education programs to children, which will consequently lead to a reduction of the poverty index.

State your research question and hypothesis

If society takes measures to eliminate poverty, there are higher chances to improve the educational level of children and it will result in innovation and prosperity in all spheres of social life. The question is whether poverty affects the educational process in children of an early age.

Identify your independent and dependent variables

The influence of poverty on early education is an independent variable, whereas children are the dependent ones.

What implications does the study have for social work? How will knowing more about the area help us solve a human problem or change policy?

Further research will provide the government with relevant data. To eliminate the problem, the government should provide children from poor families with free educational programs. Children in poverty should receive the opportunity to reach success, and it is possible only in the case they get access to education.


Lacour, M., & Tissington, L. (2011). The effects of poverty on academic achievement. Educational Research and Reviews, 6(7), 522-527. Web.

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Skarda, E. (2014). Ask the experts: How can we fix early childhood education? Web.

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