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The US and Singapore Health Systems Comparison


The country selected for the comparison with the United States in terms of health care systems in Singapore. This country was chosen because Singapore is one of the fast-developing economies. The comparison between the US and Singapore will demonstrate the level of development this country is at now and whether or not its healthcare system is more advanced than that of the United States in some areas.

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Health Statistics and Costs


According to the statistics provided by the World’s Health Organization (2015), the gross national income per capita in Singapore in 2013 estimated 76 $, and life expectancy at birth there equals approximately 81-85 years. Singaporean households spend at least 4.5 % of their income on health care services, as calculated in 2013 (Consumer Price Indices (CPI) & Household Healthcare Expenditure, 2014).


The gross national income in the USA composes 56 $, and life expectancy at birth in this country equals around 76-81 years (World’s Health Organization, 2015). American families tend to spend about 6 % of their household income on health care (Wilson, 2014).


As seen from the statistics, the variables and data of Singapore show a higher availability of health care services, and their better efficiency (signified by the higher life expectancy). Besides, the overall economic growth of Singapore exceeds that of the United States significantly.

Health Care Financing


In total, the international expenditures on health care for the population per capita in Singapore reached 3578 $ in 2013 (World’s Health Organization, 2015). The affordability of health care in this country is secured with the help of programs such as Medisave where a part of the employees’ income is saved in the special accounts paying for future medical services.


The financing of the health care system in the USA comes from businesses, taxpayers, and the government (Wilson, 2014). Besides, the Affordable Care Act covers all eligible citizens of all ages making sure that their care is as accessible as possible, protects the employees’ health insurance, and that the taxpayer premium costs are spent on health.


The USA’s approach to the affordability of medical care covers wider areas and engages all populations that may be underserved. Compared to the American healthcare programs, those of Singapore are not as advanced.

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Healthcare Administration


The public and private healthcare service providers and facilities of Singapore are regulated and monitored by the statutory boards working within the country’s Ministry of Health. To ensure equity and transparency of the healthcare system, all the medical facilities are obliged to obtain a license to start practicing medicine and are to follow the national standards of health care.


In the USA, the agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services are authorized by Congress to regulate the healthcare system. Their functions are to ensure privacy, security, and protection within the area using creating laws and regulations.


The standards for the healthcare systems of the USA and Singapore are rather similar because both countries are pursuing the transparency and security of medical care. Besides, both states are focused on providing safe care and ensuring that all the private information stays in secrecy. Finally, both countries find ways to make medical services affordable for all communities and populations.

Health Care Personnel and Facilities


This country has seven public hospitals (including one psychiatric, one women and children’s, and five general hospitals), and six national specialty centers. Besides, Singapore also has at least seven private hospitals. In addition, there are community medical facilities that deliver intermediate care. The total number of doctors in Singapore is over 11000, the number of nurses is over 37000 (Health Manpower, 2014).


The total number of hospitals in the USA comprises 5686, of the 4974 are community hospitals (1,971 rural and 3003 urban), the other are Non-government and Government non-profit and for-profit hospitals, and also non-federal and federal hospitals (Fast Facts on US Hospitals, 2014). The overall number of doctors is 1026788, and the total number of active nurses is about 4 million.


The number of medical practitioners and hospitals in the USA is much larger than those of Singapore which mainly is dictated by the sizes of the countries and their populations. At the same time, proportionally, both states have shortages of medical doctors and nurses – the global problem every state is trying to solve in its way.


Based on the data provided in this paper, health care in the USA and Singapore is rather advanced and highly accessible for all types of populations. At the same time, there are underserved groups such as immigrants and unemployed individuals who do not qualify to be covered by any of the insurance and security programs.

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