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The Value of Lifestyle Analysis


This speech is intended to provide the audience with total peace of mind, psychological and emotional breakthroughs in their daily life routine. Ladies and gentlemen, at times, we go under very difficult situations like these. I have just lost my husband, such a painful experience, I tell you. I take this opportunity to inform you that this is not the end of everything for our lives of are such a magnitude that we cannot compare it with any mere occurrence. It’s important that we recognize the truth in our lives. Remember losing someone who really cared for you, a mentor, a soul searcher, and a breadwinner. Such a responsible person, who was so loving and an initiator and much more inspiring. He is gone and never to come back again. (Jacobson, 2007)

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Accepting the truth in life

Life is a journey and not a destination; we are supposed to continue with our daily life activities no matter how difficult, or funny the situation might be. We have to understand ourselves and accept that nothing is new. All that is happening had happened, and we should be reminded that they are not just happening to us alone after all, life must continue. Worries in life reveal that we don’t understand ourselves. Ladies and gentle today, we are able to testify our encounters with life. Remember that there are others who are, as we are talking, writhing in pain others are not able to talk, walk, see, neither are they able to think upright. We have a gift of life that is so precious. (Jacobson, 2007)

Have faith

Having enough faith and confidence in all that you do will make all your plans almost likely. Strong faith is fundamental in understanding human nature. Human beings are unique creatures who are sociable and understand any aspects of nature. Faith is not only a spiritual motivator but also acts as a strong inspiration in guiding us through our daily activities in life. We believe that we will be able to overcome temptations in life and meet our desires as we plan. If we don’t have faith in our activities, we will never realize our ambitions. This can be very frustrating and discouraging. It’s important that we are driven by a strong belief and enthusiastic quench in order for us to succeed in life. (Jacobson, 2007)

Successful families don’t just happen. It takes every bit of determination and will to achieve it. We are believers, and this is strong goodwill; everything is possible with the Lord. The biggest element of success is that you have assurance of the outcome of your effort; this can only happen when you have strong faith. Most successful people we see around the world are the ones who at one point had confidence in their activities and still have faith in them. Its culture makes us distinct from other creatures; we are rationally inclined in our thoughts and behaviors and ready to take responsibility for decisions that we are subjected to. (Jacobson, 2007)

Hard work

As we have said that everything is possible before the Lord. You can move mountains, reverse the direction of rivers, walk in a hot furnace, and many others. My dear sisters and brothers, hard work pays. Remember, you can only reap what you saw. People who work hard will always have plenty of food to eat. To me, success can only be explained in relation to determination. Wherever we want to be from now can be easily determined by the decisions that we make today. People who make appropriate choices are good achievers in life; the kind of goals and ambitions that we make will determine our destiny in the near future. (The importance of Business Communication, 2007)

Having a positive attitude to life is a prerequisite to success; many people who are now successful went through hard times, they tried and failed so many times, and still, they did not quit. The best reward for a job that is well done is not always what comes out of it but how the job helps to develop your talent, nature of your career, personal experience, and rankings. Success only happens to those who are aggressive, radical, and enthusiastic; it’s all about endurance and perseverance, compromises and sacrifices, both personal and family commitment. Hard work is a matter of consciously and actively trying no matter what the results are. (The importance of Business Communication, 2007)

You are having a good plan of mechanisms in place to achieve your personal goals. Ladies and gentlemen, there must be a way of coping with life; setting very high goals to achieve within a limited duration can be discouraging, this can be unrealistic. Set goals that you are sure are achievable within your timeframe and are actually viable in all aspects. While doing all these, you should never compare yourself with anybody. This is because people are different and have different reasons why they chose to do certain things and not the other. Comparing yourself with others will make you begin asking irrelevant questions. For instance, I have just lost my husband, and then it will be immature to begin asking myself why this has just happened to me. (The importance of Business Communication, 2007)

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We must also understand that there is no shortcut in life, and that is why we must learn to do things the hard way. They say that the sweetest water is drunk in a desert. People who look for shortcuts in life do not actually understand the concept of endurance. Human beings must suffer in a true-life situation. Another thing is that we should be ready to welcome responsibility; people who are responsible for the outcomes of the decisions they make are very successful. (The importance of Business Communication, 2007)

Generally speaking, ladies and gentlemen, people who readily accept responsibilities attract opportunities. These opportunities are the avenues for success, and in a matter of time, our lives will be completely different. (Motivational Speaker, 2007)

Be flexible

Life is all about changes; a successful person is one who does not find it difficult to adapt to a given situation. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t change, then changes will change you. People who regularly change their behavior to suit the changing circumstances will never be left behind by any opportunity of the moment. Flexibility in life provides room for change; you can learn good virtues from the environment. Thinking very fast and acting rationally is important especially in a rapidly changing environment. You need to be flexible in life to suit the changing environment. (Motivational Speaker, 2007)

Build relationships

We need each other and our togetherness is very important. In life we depend on our neighbors, parents, brothers and sisters. We help one another to meet certain social obligation. With the current economic world, people are pre-occupied with so many activities meant to put food on the table, such that little time is left to build social ties. Just like in the business environment customers and suppliers are core to successful functioning of the business operations. This is why we need the services of others too in our modern life. Remember that people pay back what you give them, if you give a bad character then that is what you should expect. (Motivational Speaker, 2007)


Human beings possess different in built qualities. A person should be able to convince the other and where possible provide some necessary guidance concerning positive attitude to life. The truth of the matter is that not every body is endowed with all the desired persuasive, inspirational, encouraging, and convincing qualities. We have to acquire these qualities from each other, learn that life is full of ups and downs and that the presence of a boundary does not mean that there is a barrier.

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