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The Vocabulary Skills: Lesson Plans

Summative Evaluation

Student’s evaluation involves both pre-test and post test assessment of a given lesson. The aim of the lesson was to diversify and improve the general level of vocabulary use amongst students. In pre-test, all students stated that they u searched for meaning of difficult words in the dictionary and half of these students were unable to gain the meaning of words contextually pre-test. The lesson intended to aid the learner in gaining meaning of difficult words contextually in a given passage. Going by the exam scores, most of the students were able to gain the meaning of words contextually, with the exception of four (4) students for whom English was a second language.

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Instructional Strategy

Goals and Objectives The objective of the lesson is to improve further the vocabulary skills of students in class, with the specific emphasis on improving the contextual analysis of the meaning of words for the four Latino students in the class, for whom the task has proven a bit challenging because of second language status that English is to them.
Required Materials Various relevant storybooks and passage extracts will be used for the lesson, grade 5 level dictionaries and grade 5 level thesauruses will be used too.
Activities for Individual Student instruction All the Latino students will be encouraged to read as many grade 5 English picture books as possible. Again, the students will be placed in different discussion groups, and the Latino students will each be assigned to groups where all other students are native speakers, to facilitate their understanding of concepts.
Procedures and Implementation of Lesson The lesson will be exclusively concerned with analysis of texts and passages with relatively difficult words which the students will be expected to gain their meaning contextually.
Closure and Assessment The instructor will deliver a summary of the entire lesson. The Latino students will be especially encouraged to raise any questions or make comments here.
Adaptations and Extensions Crossword puzzles will be distributed to the students, with Latino students receiving extra materials on filling English crossword puzzles. All students will be encouraged to fill the crossword puzzles found in newspapers daily, beyond the duration of the lesson.
Connections to Other Content Areas This unit can be linked to History on understanding events through historical realities, and Social Studies on being exceptional or standing out from a group.

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