Tolerance of Ambiguity Test and Profile Analysis


My novelty score for the tolerance of ambiguity test is 20, which is right in the middle of the scale. This means that my tolerance for novelty is medium – I take well to certain kinds of novel things and events in my life, but not so much to others. This assessment is relatively accurate. My preferences towards novelty are rather specific. I enjoy traveling a great deal. Distance does not really matter, whether it is traveling to a different country or a new shop. What I do not like changes in is the way I work. Once I get used to certain ways of doing things, I do not like changing them for the sake of change. For example, I find myself irritated when asked to get used to a new interface or to perform an action in a way different from how I usually do it. I find the effort unnecessary. Based on my self-reflection, I indicate two base behaviors that I have learned:

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  • I should always analyze the necessity of change when encountering a situation that requires it.
  • I should be open to accepting that a different way of doing things may produce better results.


My highest score is in the Complexity section, maxing out at 35. It means that I have an analytical mindset and am capable of undertaking complex tasks that require many activities. I agree with this assessment as well, and my personal history and hobbies prove that. When I was in junior grade, my favorite subject was math. The problems in math are complex, but they can be split into many different steps, each of which has a definite answer. As long as any problem is split into simple tasks, it does not matter for me how many there are. Puzzle pictures are one of my favorite hobbies. It allows me building pictures out of many pieces. Two new behaviors to practice:

  • Using schedules in order to compartmentalize my working day.
  • Try understanding complex matters by splitting them into simple facts and activities.


Insolubility stands for the ambiguity of answers and approaches to the solution of the problem. My lowest score for Insolubility is 15, indicating that I do not have a preference for tasks with the ambiguity of approaches and results. This conclusion is also true, as it does not contradict the previous scores. While I enjoy new places and complex problems, I prefer a structured and compartmentalized approach with definite answers during every stage. I do not like changing my methodology or inventing new ways of solving tasks if the old one works just fine. This can be illustrated by my inability to adapt to different customers. When I worked in the shop, I addressed everyone equally, with a routine greeting and farewell message. While it helped with conformity, it certainly did not boost any sales. In the end, I was replaced by a more vibrant and imaginative worker. Two new behaviors to practice:

  • Develop a number of different approaches to a single problem in order to imitate variability.
  • Converse with people and try finding different approaches to every person based on the pre-existing set of actions and on the perceived personality and preferences of the person. It should help me out in situations where creativity and thinking on the spot are necessary.
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