TorontoNorthAutoParts Company’s Human Resources


The human resources (HR) department in every organization undertakes numerous studies to identify the challenges employees face and apply sustainable strategies to address them. At TorontoNorthAutoParts, the rate of rejects began to increase sharply, therefore forcing the company to introduce superior measures to minimize them. This occurrence might be attributable to the ineffectiveness of existing HR practices and initiatives that are capable of triggering disharmony among workers.

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The purpose of this report is to provide new insights to HR and describe how the application research can help in addressing the workforce behavior issues that might be disorienting productivity. It goes further to describe each category of Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) and how leaders should analyze them carefully when undertaking HR research. The gained ideas can support evidence-based measures to transform the existing situation.

The Importance of HR research


The sudden shift in the percentage of rejects compelled TorontoNorthAutoParts to introduce a new human resource information system (HRIS) in an attempt to reduce the recorded defects. Several benefits have been gained after embracing this new technology. The first one is the ability to acquire timely data after the implementation of different initiatives or approaches. The second one is that the model is unbiased and capable of minimizing human interference (Alami et al. 252). These aspects explain why the introduction of the proposed HRIS will ensure that positive ideas are presented to address the current HR problems, minimize defects, and improve productivity.

Benefits of HR Research

The presented case supports the use of HR research in an organization due to a number of advantages. Firstly, the practice becomes a new opportunity for identifying potential gaps or challenges that tend to disorient performance. Secondly, it encourages both leaders and followers to become true participants and present evidence-based ideas for addressing existing predicaments. Thirdly, HR research is informed by emerging theories and concepts, thereby creating a desirable environment for altering ineffective initiatives. Fourthly, this initiative is an evidence-based opportunity for implementing superior technologies and applying analytics to troubled business procedures (Alami et al. 253).

This strategy means that HR managers will use the acquired information to empower followers and eventually improve performance. Fifthly, this kind of research supports the identification and resolution of employees’ complaints in a timely manner. The end result is that they will become motivated and willing to promote organizational effectiveness. Finally, it becomes a new opportunity for presenting superior practices or organizational cultures in a company. These benefits reveal that organizations should engage in HR research as an evidence-based approach for identifying challenges and implementing new changes.

Benefits of HRIS to HR Research

The new HRIS will benefit this organization’s HR research in various ways. The first one is that the introduced technology will ensure that all studies are data-driven and capable of reflecting the issues impacting performance negatively. All participants will present desirable insights after the successful completion of the research. The second way is that HRIS will reduce the time taken to undertake such investigations (Richman 127). This is a clear indication that TorontoNorthAutoParts will acquire the intended information much faster and implement advanced strategies to reduce defects.

The third gain is that the number of officers or employees working in the department will reduce, thereby minimizing expenses. The fourth benefit is that all involved stakeholders can use this technology to present their views and insights while maintaining anonymity (Alami et al. 253). The fifth way in which the HRIS will benefit from such activities is that they will be completed in a timely manner and efficiently. The sixth benefit is that the HRIS team will acquire new insights for implementing the presented findings and addressing the major challenges in performance. These attributes explain why the completed HR research will become a new opportunity for TorontoNorthAutoParts to address most of the challenges different employees encounter and minimize defects.

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P&Ps Categories

Each of the categories of programs and procedures (P&P) is essential for the HR department. This means that the targeted HR research can focus on them to understand the nature of the existing workforce issues and propose appropriate initiatives to transform organizational productivity. The first one is that of compensation. A good example for those involved to consider is that of pay increments for different employees. The second category of P&P is the existing working conditions. The best example under this aspect is workspace cleanliness (Patel 78). The third one is that of training and development and it guides researchers to monitor occurrence that might empower and make it possible for employees to maximize productivity. An example is that of train behaviors in specific organizations. The fourth category is that of job design and focuses on the manner in which employees coordinate operations and complete their roles. The best example is that of job rotation.

The fifth P&P is that of discipline. The behaviors and code of ethics in a given environment are critical whenever completing HR research. The best example to consider under this category is punitive actions implemented in a given workplace. The sixth category under P&Ps is organizational structure. The nature of leadership and managerial patterns in a given company will influence employee involvement and HR practices (Patel 78). The best example for this element is that of company culture. The seventh aspect of P&Ps is tools. Throughout the HR research study, participants should consider resources that can improve performance. An example under this category is that of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Analysis and Conditioning of Workforce Behaviour

Target Line and Baseline

From the presented graph, it is evident that the HR department managed to implement several strategies and initiatives in an attempt to minimize rejects per every 1,000 pieces or items produced. The target was to have 3 rejects per 1,000 within 1.5 years. This information means that that the baseline for the entire exercise was zero while the target line was three (see Figure 1). This information would guide those involved to pursue or implement superior strategies to deliver positive results.

Production Quality Trends: 2007-2009.
Figure 1: Production Quality Trends: 2007-2009.

Implemented Initiatives

From the presented graph, it is evident that each of the initiatives implemented to rectify the problem of quality gave different results (see Figure 1). Initiative A revolved around the use of management systems whereby documentation control and risk management were considered to revolutionize workforce behaviors. The second one was Initiative B and it entailed the use of a new change focusing on a superior culture.

However, the problem of resistance affected the intended results. Initiative C began by presenting new machines and systems for maximizing production and reducing defects. The fourth or Initiative D was informed by the concept of Lean whereby possible sources of errors were identified. This means that all three initiatives were combined to deliver affirmative results (Rafiei and Davari 37). This was followed by additional measures to improve production continuously. This means that the last approach was successful and capable of delivering the targeted results.

The success of the Strategy

Initiative D presented desirable outcomes because of various attributes. For instance, the strategy satisfied these two criteria: the ability to align HR needs to business strategy and the combination of human resources and technology. The implemented strategy was successful since the demands of different employees were met and resonated with the anticipated business goals. Additionally, the use of HRIS created a new opportunity to identify gaps and ensure that all participants were involved to minimize defects. The combination of the three initiatives resulted in positive outcomes since HR is a complex undertaking aimed at fulfilling all employees’ demands (Richman 123).

They should also be pursued in accordance with the defined or established business goals. The use of Lean can also support the introduction of superior technologies, identify all potential sources of defects, and implement a new culture that will eventually deliver positive outcomes. This is a clear indication that HR issues call for multilevel approaches to meet the demands of all stakeholders and transform performance.

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Cautionary Explanation

Although the intended initiatives delivered desirable results, there are different rogues that HR leaders should always be willing to identify and address. The first one is the nature of the existing organizational structure since it will impact workforce relationships and behaviors. The second aspect is that of culture. Depending on the ethnic backgrounds and values of the employees, HR leaders should be able to address their issues using evidence-based measures (Richman 124).

The third one is that of training. Workers who lack adequate training might not be able to operate existing machines effectively. This means that the number of defects will still remain out of control. The fourth one is the nature of leadership in the organization. While the initiatives might be able to deliver positive goals, inappropriate mentorship and guidance systems might affect the intended outcomes.

Context remains a critical factor when dealing with any given issue. For this particular case, there are specific elements that all those undertaking HR research should never disregard. The first element is that of employee motivation and empowerment. While the implemented strategies might be appropriate, unmotivated workers will remain non-cooperative throughout the study period. The second one is that of culture.

Negative workplace traditions will not deliver desirable results even if leaders put superior strategies in place. The third element is the nature of the existing organizational structure. Hierarchical managerial systems will affect the intended results. The fourth component is that of implemented technologies. The nature of such systems might affect or improve the delivery of quality outcomes (Rafiei and Davari 38). The fifth one is the fact that the level of safety in the organization or workplace will increase since new procedures, PPEs, and tools will be presented after the successful completion of the intended HR research. Finally, employee relations and the effectiveness of communication can affect HR research activity.


The above discussion has outlined powerful insights for utilizing HR research to minimize defects and improve production. The introduction of modern technologies will streamline the process and make it possible for TorontoNorthAutoParts to achieve its production objectives. The HR team will utilize the collected findings to identify the issues many employees face and apply evidence-based strategies to mitigate them.

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