“Training Day” the Film by Fuqua

The film, Training Day, reflects a typical day of drug enforcement officers. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Bobby Newmyer and Jeffrey Silver, the film was released in 2001 as a neo-noir crime thriller featuring LAPD narcotics officers’ working environment in 24 hours. The two officers are working in a gang-ridden neighborhood controlled by the Russian, Latino, and local drug cartels. This paper reveals that even though the police are expected to deal with crimes, it is so corrupted that it causes them and increases the prevalence of violence.

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The film, Training Day, reveals interesting scenes in the fight against neighborhood-related crimes, especially narcotics. At first, I considered that his movie has nothing new to impress me because it was created more than 15 years ago, and nowadays many films with a similar plot exist. Nevertheless, the story of a novice officer, Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), who works under the supervision of a corrupt detective officer Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) managed to impress me.

The director puts the protagonist and the antagonist of the movie in one car and makes them work together so that the viewers can see how different people of the same profession can be. In this way, he reaches an opportunity to discuss the major issue faced by the police focusing only on one working day of two professionals. I agree with the director’s point of view regarding the presence of corruption. Moreover, it is not surprising that people who are involved in such activities can affect those around them adversely. The audience can see Alonzo going against the moral ethics of policing and setting up his partners so that Jake faces a death sentence (Melrose, 2015).

I doubt that I can identify with any character in this movie because I am not assertive enough to stand my ground in such controversial situations. Nevertheless, Jake appeals to me more than Alonzo because his will could hardly be damaged. However, I am not sure whether it is possible to find such devoted professionals currently or not.

In general, the described situation seems to be exaggerated, but it discusses significant topics and reveals two sides of the police. I was greatly impressed by the connection between race and violence revealed by the director, as an association between African Americans and illegal actions is undeniable. However, this fact allows me to realize how Americans perceived the connection between race and drugs at the beginning of the 20th century.


Training Day portrays one of the most critical issues faced by the police both in the 2000s and nowadays. The problem of corruption is discussed by numerous politicians and activists who are willing to attract people’s attention to the necessity of reaching equal treatment. The support of violence revealed by the police officers requires resolution even in real life. However, the director included biased perceptions in the film. I believe that it would be better if African Americans were not depicted as negative characters because this image is prejudiced. Maybe it would be better if the two main characters were of the same race or if they exchanged it.

If I had no information about the criminal justice system, I would believe that corruption is everywhere and that the police are fighting with itself (Fuqua, 2001). It seems that corrupted professionals facilitate the expansion of violence and crimes so that it is enough to deal with them to create a peaceful environment. Effective policing seems to be almost a myth that requires additional proof of its existence because people who protect the country ruin it from the inside.

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Thus, Training Day allows its viewers to see that in real life the police may turn out to be the major criminal but not a protector. Even though the film presents some exaggerated ideas, it allows the general public to observe the most critical problem faced by this force. Corruption contributes to crime and violence and prevents diligent professionals from exercising their duties.


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