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Transitional Care Model: Planning Phases


Transition care becomes a topical issue nowadays as patients with complex medical needs might suffer from poor outcomes. These are preconditioned by medication errors, and other drawbacks in the communication between care providers and patients. Additionally, older patients mainly comprise the risk group. For this reason, the problem of transitional nursing becomes obvious.

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Identification of the Problem

Besides, at the moment acute care for elderly people and great fall risk could be considered a significant problem that deteriorates the final results and might result in the appearance of numerous complications, including death. The transition from the intensive care to the next provider setting might pose a certain threat to an elderly patient as he/she might fall (“Definitions of transitional care”, n.d.). Additionally, the latest investigations of the fall risk in acute care settings show that this aspect should be considered one of the primary causes for the appearance of numerous complications that impact the quality of patients lives and deprive them of an opportunity to recover.

Significance of the Problem to Nursing

In this regard, one of the modern tasks of the healthcare sector is the decrease in the fall rate and assisting elderly patients in their recovery especially during the transition from intensive care to other settings. Nurses working in acute care become the main contributors to successful outcomes as they are responsible for the delivery of the needed care and constant monitoring of patients state. Moreover, fall prevention is also one of the major tasks of nurses working in the given sphere (“Important facts about falls”, n.d.). Under these conditions, the problem becomes especially significant for this sort of specialist.

Purpose of the Research

Taking into account the above-mentioned information, the research related to acute care and falls could have several important purposes. First, its main goal is to determine the main reasons for the appearance of numerous complications and state whether they come from the disregard of the basic rules, medication errors, or some other sources. Additionally, the research should also be aimed at the identification of the main tasks a nurse should perform to decrease the fall risk rate in acute care settings and guarantee patients recovery. Finally, the research might also improve the comprehending of the problems transitional nursing faces in the modern health care sector.

Research Questions

Besides, these purposes also condition the following research questions.

What are the main complications peculiar to the acute care setting?

What are the main reasons for the appearance of complications in acute care settings for elderly people?

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What effect do nurses have on the provision of care to elderly patients in acute care?

What actions might nurses perform to decrease the fall risk rate and improve the situation?

How could the results of interventions aimed at the improvement of the situation be evaluated?

These research questions contribute to the increased importance of the research and guarantee positive outcomes.

Master’s Essentials that Aligned with Your Topic

The given topic also correlates with the Masters Essentials. It conditions the creation of the background for practice by demonstrating nurses the problem that exists nowadays and ways to solve it. Moreover, it outlines the main prevention measures that could be used to improve the health of the population and guarantee their recovery. Finally, it also assists in translation and integration scholarship into practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, n.d.). Altogether, the investigation of the given issue could be considered an important task that will contribute to the increased efficiency and acquisition of new competencies needed to help patients to recover.


American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (n.d.). The Essentials of Master’s education in nursing. Web.

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Important facts about falls. (n.d.). Web.

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