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Travel: How Travel Can Enrich Society

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” -Mark Twain

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Explanation of this quote means

Travel makes people more trusting and people may also develop a more charitable perception of humanity. The more an individual travels, the more they develop foreign experiences which in turn increases the generalized trust. Travel and interaction with different kinds of people is significant in liberalization of individuals and also expand the instincts of kindness. Travelling to unfamiliar places creates opportunities since one meets people with different experiences that could be beneficial in applying to an individual’s context. An individual with more experiences from travel reduces ignorance and, hence limiting the chances of facing manipulation or exploitation from other people.

Selection of a 2nd or 3rd world nation that you might be interested in visiting, or might have already visited and recording these countries’ freedom rating according to the Freedom of the World website (


Freedom Rating:

  • 71 total score of freedom
  • Freedom status: Free
  • Political rights: 32
  • Civil liberties: 39

Explanation of why individuals from first world nations might be apprehensive about visiting this country (not taking into account the pandemic)

Tunisia is a Muslim country and has local traditions, customs and religion that require respect from the international visitors of countries such as the United States and other first world states. The law prohibits public display of affection. It is against the law for unmarred mixed gender couples to share a room, a habit that is acceptable in the US hotels. Tunisia prohibits photo taking of sensitive places like embassies, military and government premises while photo shooting requires permission, failure of which may result in legal action against the visitor.

Explanation of why this country should be visited – what can we learn, see (not taking into account the pandemic)

There are three major parallels between the current struggle for racial justice in the United States and the fight for democratic rights across Tunisia 10 years ago. The parallels include movements, violent response to peaceful opposition and live global coverage and harmony. Americans can visit Tunisia and learn the varying tactics they deployed which included boycotts, international pressure campaigns and escalation for change unlike the US tactic that is more predictable with street demonstrations. Tunisia unlike the US citizens’ violent and disproportionate response, employed peaceful and law abiding protesters which attracted more public opinion and support.

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How travel can enrich our society

Importance of travel to society

Travelling expands an individual’s knowledge and broadens one’s perspective and, hence enables a person to view new customs, and different lifestyles with a positive mindset. Travel enriches a society with new outlook of life which is significant in changing an individual’s habit or developing new behaviors with different values.

Importance of Travelling within the United States

It is valuable to comprehend one’s own background and travel within one’s own country. The immediate surrounding may have played a significant role in the country’s history but ravels would give an idea of the greater picture of what other areas experienced. The local travel could also help one to use the wider understanding of the country’s history and relationships with other parts of the world.

How the Covid-19 pandemic has changed global travel. What will happen to traveling in future

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in application of travel restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. Measures such as closure of borders, tourism and travel ban are some of the changes that have affected the global travel. The world has experienced a decline in international travel during the pandemic. After the pandemic, sustainability will be the significant initiative among all the people intending to travel. Citizens would demand for responsible travel regulations which will make the industry consider health promotion at the expense of profitability. Americans would require information on passenger screening at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on daily basis to feel safer when travelling abroad.

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