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Trends in Education Overview and Analysis


The past few years have witnessed impressive changes/improvements in computer and internet scenarios. The previously huge size of a computer has been reduced in size to as small as a mobile phone. Customary media like television, radio and printed material are being rooted out by the internet. There seem to be massive changes in almost all the fields, including education. Such changes have long been coming and educators are accepting them. Several new trends have emerged during these years; some of the important ones will be discussed in the ensuing paragraphs.

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Charter Schools

Charter schools are such schools that have the liberty to function; they are not governed by the state and/or central guidelines for educational institutions (U.S. Department of Education, 2009). Such schools offer a chance to parents, community representatives, educationalists, and other concerned people to come forward with their innovative ideas to have more options for imparting quality education. These schools are managed by organizations that oversee the quality of education being imparted to students. As of 2009, there were around 3,000 charter schools in the United States (U.S. Department of Education, 2009).

Emerging technology

While addressing the audience at the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers, Secretary Arne Duncan remarked that technology allows people to respond to new researches being conducted in the education field. For instance, “the draft technology plan highlights how one district has built an online one-stop shop to connect teaching resources, assessments, and system-wide data” (U.S. Department of Education, 2010, p. 1).

Providing quality education has become vital for the social and economic success of a nation. The latest technology is being employed to meet the growing need for quality education. Some of the emerging technologies in education are the internet, classroom videos, classroom computers, digital footprint, online learning, and game-based education (Riedel, 2014).

Global competency

Teachers, educational institution heads and political leaders recognize the significance of global skillfulness and information. Such knowledge is very crucial for the future development of students and economies of nations (P21, 2014b). P21 has suggested a six-point program to political leaders for implementation. The six points consist of the need for global competency standards in education, effectual and measurable support of teachers and resources to be at par with the global standards, an innovational approach towards instructions, whole-school model, inter-school networking, and teacher exchange (P21, 2014b).

Professional Organizations

Several conglomerates such as Microsoft have joined hands with various educational societies to develop new technology that might help teachers in improving their education style (Johnson, Levine, Smith, Smythe, 2009). Fischer-Price, considered to be the largest manufacturer of educational toys has also joined hands with P21 to promote the readiness of students for further studies (P21, 2014a).


Benefits of recognizing charter schools

By recognizing charter schools, leaders can ensure a better standard of education for students. Since such schools are highly accountable, students are given maximum attention to enhance their capabilities. The involvement of parents and community members ascertains their complete support. In such schools, innovative practices (such as innovative curriculum) are adopted and students are subjected to healthy competition. It is understood that charter schools get their strength from parents’ contentment (Miron, 2011).

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Benefits of involvement of professional organizations

The involvement of professional organizations guarantees the inflow of funds that is required for expanding the purview of education. Leaders can use such funds to develop educational institutions in remote areas so that maximum children can be educated. Being educated would help such children in acquiring good jobs in future. Moreover, better education would mean lessening the gap between graduate earners and those without the requisite qualification (Levy & Murnane, 2006). This would increase the quality of the nation’s workforce.

Professional organizations such as Microsoft and Fischer-Price are fulfilling their corporate and social responsibilities by indulging in the education of students. With the advent of CSR, expectations of society have increased. People form a good opinion about the companies or business houses that care for the benefit of society. This enhances their public image and helps them to increase their customers and greater admittance in the money markets. Such companies or business houses are supposed to have a longer profit run. This is because of their better social relations and productive actions towards the benefit of society.


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