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UK Multinational Telecommunications Company Activity


British Telecommunications plc that is more known today as BT is one of the biggest British companies. Its foundation in 1984 became a turning point in the advancement of British and European telecommunications. Due to its privatization, BT has begun to play the role of the dominant provider of both local and long-distance communication services in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is in constant competition for the target market with the English government that still deregulates it.

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BT Services

Nowadays BT is one of the most significant networked services providers in the world. The company became an autonomous member of the communication market in 1981 when it obtained its independence from the Post Office. The services it initially provided were the domestic telephone network. In the course of time, the company gradually entered the market of the digital network; its function was to supply the British customer with high-quality telecommunication services. One should point out that at the end of the twentieth century their targeted audience already accounted for fifty-five million people. Another field the company would eagerly occupy was the market of mobile communications. The company managed to meet the competition and offered their clients an exclusive invention – integrated services digital network that operated at an extreme speed (British Telecommunications 2015). However, the true outbreak of the company was the introduction of fiber broadband. The demand for this service today is, indeed, unbelievable. According to the statistics, the service is currently available in about twenty-three million premises, and the number of its subscribers is more than seven million people (Doku 2015). Even though the company’s activity is spread over 170 countries, its primary target market is still the United Kingdom that is represented by twenty-one million consumers of all its services, including television, telephony, and broadband. One should admit that operating in the communication market is challenging as it remains highly competitive (Sarkar 2012).

The competitive base

Nevertheless, British Telecommunications plc is not likely to cede its leadership to its rivals. The services it offers have enough advantages to be preferred by the customers. First of all, BT’s pricing policy is rather reasonable. The company does its best to supply the clients with the necessary products at the lowest cost possible. Secondly, the high quality of the services, the company has managed to maintain for many years, has helped British Telecommunications to win the confidence of the multitude. Moreover, the company’s innovation ambitions largely contribute to its progressive image, attracting, thus, new customers. One of the major benefits of the company’s policy is its intention to find an approach to all kinds of clients, whether it is a big family or a small business company. The wise market targeting strategy helps British Telecommunications retain its leading positions.


In conclusion, one should note that British Telecommunications is an example of unconditionally successful activity. The company has always announced its ambitious plans to extend its power abroad and to supply global companies with the telecommunications network. Today its core market covers almost the entire Great Britain, although BT is ready to go the extra mile and extend its operation over the European communication field. Its contribution to the national economy can hardly be underestimated – BT is one of the most significant taxpayers in the country (Williams 2015).


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