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British Airways Company’s Branding Strategy


This report is aimed at discussing the branding strategy of British Airways. This organization was founded in 1972, and since that time, it has become one of the largest airlines in the world (Woodley 2006, p. 156). This company serves the destinations that are located in six continents. Overall, one can say that British Airways continuously attempts to improve its services and attract a greater number of clients (Rosenbaum-Eliott, Percy, & Pervan, 2011). Moreover, the senior executives of this company understand that branding is critical for the sustainability of this business (Bacon 2012). It is necessary to show how this organization develops its brand. Moreover, one should provide recommendations to this airline. These are the main questions that should be discussed.

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Brand elements

The brand of British Airways contains several distinct elements. These components should be analyzed with the help of a model developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer (2008) and other researchers. This scholar attaches importance to the relations between clients and the organization. Therefore, various brand elements should demonstrate what kind of things a business can offer to a person. In particular, one should mention various slogans such as Fly the Flag, We’ll Take More Care of You and The World’s Best Airline (Horner & Swarbrooke 2012, p. 43). These mottoes should increase customers’ sense of affiliation with this organization. These people should believe that they are using the services of the best company in this industry.

Furthermore, these slogans are supposed to demonstrate that the clients can interact with a business that has competence and experience because these qualities are valued by many consumers. Furthermore, these slogans should also strengthen people’s sense of prestige because they can afford the services of the best company working in this field. Additionally, one should speak about the use of such a melody as The Flower Duet which is supposed to show that British Airways ensures safety, comfort, and calm in the skies (DeReiter, Doheny, & Gilbert 2010, p. 237). These are the main points that can be made.

Moreover, much attention should be paid to reflection or identification of a person for whom services are intended (Aggarval, 2008, p. 37). One can say that British Airways wants to appeal to people who values prosperity, security, success, and prestige. This goal is achieved with the help of customer relations management, slogans, and various commercials. The main problem is that British Airways can lose a part of its market share to low-cost airlines (Bacon 2012). This is one of the issues that should be considered by the management.

Apart from that, one should focus on its logotype and speedmarque. These visual images are familiar to millions of people throughout the world. Admittedly, they do not convey a specific message to a client; however, they are important for making the brand more recognizable. Nevertheless, these components are not directly related to the model developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer (2008). Moreover, this author focuses on such an aspect as culture or values that form the basis of this brand (Kapferer 2008). As far as British Airways is concerned, one should speak about such values as the need for innovation and efficiency (Rosenbaum-Eliott, Percy, & Pervan, 2011, p. 237). The company achieves this goal by adopting new technologies and improving the quality of their services.

It is possible to say that the brand of British Airways consists of many other elements, for example, the use of such colors as blue and red or numerous advertising campaigns. Moreover, one should mention that British Airways supports various athletic tournaments such as Wimbledon. Nevertheless, there is a limitation that should be considered. In particular, this organization does not pay much attention to the self-image of clients. In other words, they do not appeal to the self-esteem of their clients who want to perceive themselves in a certain way. For instance, they want to believe that they have achieved success. This is one of the things that they value.

Branding strategy

Overall, one can say that British Airways adopts such a strategy as name branding. This approach means that this organization attempts to show that the name is inevitably associated with safety and effectiveness (Kitchen 1997, p. 199). This approach is helpful for increasing clients’ awareness about this organization. Secondly, this choice can be explained by the fact that this company offers services, rather than goods. Under such circumstances, businesses need to identify themselves in a clear way. One can say that this strategy has been quite successful, because British Airways is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Nevertheless, this organization has lost a part of its market share to low-cost companies located in the United Kingdom and other countries. This is one of the details that should be considered by the senior executives.

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Marketing communications integration

Additionally, it is important to examine marketing communications integration. This term implies that businesses should convey clear and consistent message with the help of different marketing channels (Egan 2007, p. 340). The management of British Airways understands the importance of this task. First of all, they attach importance to E-commerce because in this way, one can improve clients’ experience. Secondly, this organization attaches importance to public relations.

This is why British Airways supported 2012 Summer Olympics (Murray 2013, p. 84). Furthermore, this organization advertises its services with the help of television and Internet. Thus, one can argue that British Airways makes it marketing communications through various channels. Yet, there are some shortcomings that should not be overlooked. In particular, this company does not always convey a clear message to potential clients. Its marketing communications do not show how this organization positions itself. Moreover, they do not explain why clients should select British Airways among other airlines. This idea is not clearly communicated to customers.

Growing and sustaining the brand

It is critical to examine current attempts to grow and sustain the brand. The management of British Airways wants to make more attractive to a wider audience (Bacon 2012). Their policies are aimed at showing that this organization can create extra value for clients by offering high-quality services. Their recent campaign called To Fly, To Serve is supposed to show that British Airways takes a dramatically new approach to their interactions with clients (Bacon 2012). This policy has been adopted because this organization faced a strong competition from other companies such as Lufthansa.

This is one of the aspects that can be identified. Additionally, this organization strives to attract customers with various income levels. At present, the brand is associated mostly with first-class travel. However, many people believe that the services of this organization are not available to them. In turn, the management wants to refute this stereotype that harms their brand. There are the main initiatives that they implement. To some degree, these policies are designed to make this business more responsive to the changes in external environment which includes competition and economic development of various countries. These are the main details that can be singled out.


Overall, this discussion shows that branding is an important element of the marketing strategies adopted by British Airways. Various branding elements are supposed to demonstrate that this company can guarantee the safety and comfort of their clients. Moreover, this organization creates visual symbols that are recognized by customers in various countries. This business attempts to convey its marketing communications through various medial channels. Finally, the management of British Airways understands the need for growing and sustaining brand. This is why they want to appeal to people who may have various income levels. However, this organization is now regarded mostly as the provider of high-quality and expensive services. This approach to branding made British Airways more vulnerable. This information should be considered by the senior executives of British Airways.


It is possible to make several recommendations to British Airways. The brand managers should demonstrate how this organization can be distinguished from its major competitors such as Lufthansa or Delta Airlines. In particular, this company should position itself an airline that can offer excellent services to people with various income levels. Secondly, British Airways have to show how this organization can create value for clients. Thirdly, the management should ensure that its marketing communications are clear and consistent. These are the main suggestions that can be made.


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