Undergraduate Degree and Future


Time passes very quickly, and it is not always possible to be ready for one more change, challenge, and task. A not long time ago, I cannot even imagine that soon I have to make one of the most important decisions in my life – I have to decide what to do after an undergraduate degree is got. It is not very easy to evaluate all possibilities and paths which are available for me right now, this is why it becomes urgent to create a kind of scheme or a kind of criteria according to which it will be easier to evaluate all options and define what option is still the best one for me. Nowadays, young people can make decisions independently and take into consideration their interests, demands, and preferences. When I get my undergraduate degree, I also face a variety of possibilities in my life. To achieve success and enjoy this life, this decision has to be thoughtful and properly grounded. I can easily continue my education in the same university and achieve one more degree, or change this academic field and learn something more, or find a good job and train my skills, or do nothing and enjoy this life and free time. All these options have to pass several criteria such as my abilities and interests, time, parents’ attitude, future perspective, and financial support. This report aims at evaluating all these ideas from different perspectives and helping to make the necessary decision and to enjoy the results achieved.

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Criteria for Consideration

My graduation is one of the most significant periods in my life, and everything that happens after influences considerably my present and future. This is why the choice of criteria has to be properly organized. To evaluate everything necessarily, I would like to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. My interests and demands
  2. Time limitations
  3. Financial support
  4. Future perspective
  5. Parents’ attitude

Each of the above-mentioned factors plays a very important role in this decision-making process. If I fail to consider any of these points, I may put myself under a threat to feel sorry for my lack of foresight and inabilities to change something or improve the situation. Though my personal experience and knowledge are not as powerful as it should be, I try to clear up the peculiarities of each factor and rely on each while making a decision.

Importance of the Chosen Criteria

The weight of each point mentioned above differs from each other; this is why it is very important to comprehend what issues are crucial in my life, and what factors play a less important role in this affair.

Criterion Its Weight
My interests and demands 40%
Time limitations 5%
Financial support 15%
Parents’ attitude 10%
Future perspective 30%
Total 100%

As it may be observed, each factor has its weight, and one of the most significant ones is my interests and demands. It is my decision concerning my own life and my place in this world. To make everything in the right way, I have to rely on my preferences first of all. This is why it is not a surprise that this point is the leading one in the scheme. Nowadays, the financial situation plays another significant role in this life. After my graduation, I have to evaluate the financial support I may rely on to decide what activities are available for me. Parents always provide me with helpful pieces of advice, and this kind of support is integral for me as well. I should also consider how much time I have for making this decision. And time limitations need to be admitted as well, but still, its role is less important in comparison to everything else. Finally, my future and its safety should be the least important criteria to consider.

Solution Options

To narrow the circle of the options available, I read several captivating books that cover the themes of graduation and the time after graduation. Many interesting citations and ideas were found in Brooks’ book, where the author describes the lives of different people after their graduations. “All his life, Ray Kinsella was searching for his dreams. Then one day his dreams came looking for him” (Brooks, 2009, p.287). I was wondering whether my dream and my path may find me. However, strong and interesting ideas by Andrea Syrtash made me change my mind and believe that I am free now and have to celebrate my graduation and my freedom (Syrtash, 2006)!

What I need to do right now is to evaluate what paths are available for me without considering the criteria created. I think a bit and discover the following options:

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  1. Continue my education and get a higher degree;
  2. Change an academic field and learn something new;
  3. Search for a job and demonstrate gained knowledge and skills;
  4. Do nothing and depend on parents.

The more I think about possible options, the more I become confused because of my uncertainty about my future. There are so many paths, and I have to choose only one. It is hard but still important.

Options and Criteria

With the help of the methodological analysis, I identify what score is possible to give to each option considering the criteria offered.

OptionCriterion My interests and demands Time limitations Financial support Parents’ attitude Future perspective
Continue my education and get a higher degree 80 10 40 100 100
Change an academic field and learn something new 90 10 30 80 50
Search for a job and demonstrate gained knowledge and skills 90 30 30 60 100
Do nothing and depend on parents 50 100 10 10 10

To make the right decision, I have to ask myself what can matter to me most (Hood & Hood, 2008). If I can answer this question, the evaluation of this table should help me choose the path. Looking at it, I realize that time limitations play an important role in each option except for the desire to do nothing. This is why it has to be admitted at first. I am interested in each option except doing nothing because of constant dependence on my parents’ will is not as successful and bright as it may seem. Taking into consideration the financial status of my family, I should be very careful with my decision. If I decide to continue education, I may get some financial benefits and support from the university. In other institutions, the financial side may be under a threat. Future perspective is winning in case I decide to continue my education or start working because these two opportunities should help me earn money and train all my skills. The decision of my parents is all about the continuation of education and getting a higher degree to become a professional in the chosen sphere. Of course, parents support my other decisions but still, education is one the first place.

Weighted Values and Decision

Option My interests and demands Time limitations Financial support Parents’ attitude Future perspective Total composite weight
Weight 40% 5% 15% 10% 30% 100%
Continue my education and get a higher degree 32 0.5 6 10 30 78.5
Change an academic field and learn something new 36 0.5 4.5 8 15 64
Search for a job and demonstrate gained knowledge and skills 36 1.5 4.5 6 30 78
Do nothing and depend on parents 20 5 1.5 1 3 30.5

After making the necessary calculation and considering my attitude to the problems and general state of affairs, it becomes clear that the most effective path I have to choose is to continue my education in the same sphere and improve my skills to have more chances to get a good job and earn money in future. Though career choice and planning play an important role in students’ life after graduation (Brown, 2002), I have some time to gain better and deeper knowledge in the necessary sphere. If I decide to do nothing and rely on my parents’ help, I will lose all chances to succeed in my career and become an independent person. To change an academic field is not that reliable under current conditions and financial support because it is impossible to be sure about personal future and possibilities. Finally, it is possible to start working and earn money but still, if I have some chances to improve my knowledge, I should use it right now.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Now I am ready to make a decision and choose the only effective path in my life after I get my graduate degree. I want and I have to get another higher degree and meet the expectations of my parents. This decision helps to save my time, improve my knowledge, and allows me to be prepared for challenges that are waiting for me in the nearest future.

Student’s Name

Reference List

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