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Unit VIII Project: Group Meeting

I have recently attended a group meeting in my community, which aimed at the discovery of the necessity of the vegetation in the area. In this instance, the group consisted out of six members, and I could freely observe their interactions. The primary goal of this assignment is to conduct an adequate evaluation of the communication and leader’s behavior while assessing responsibilities based on the theoretical knowledge. In the end, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the core findings of this analysis and determine the overall effectiveness of the discussion.

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Analysis of Responsibilities and Interactions

Firstly, the overall performance of the group has to be evaluated to determine its abilities to diversify the responsibilities during the discussion. In this case, openness, the involvement of all members, and the high availability of the required information could be considered as core aspects, which have to be deliberated by any decision-making unit (Grice & Skinner, 2013).

In this case, these matters were performed well, as the group members had the necessary information about the process and freely discussed potential solutions to determine the most efficient approach. Nonetheless, the critical criteria for satisfactory answers such as economics, growth, legality, security, and aesthetics have to be taken into account, as they contribute to the evaluation of the proposal from different angles (Grice & Skinner, 2013). In this case, the group members and the leader did not pay great attention to the aesthetics, while this aspect is the most critical feature for the satisfaction of the community.

It remains apparent that the interactions have to be improved, as the solutions tend to exist regarding this matter. In this case, the leader should have taken the initiative in the discussion and encouraged the assessment of the solution from different perspectives. One of the cultivators of the debate is brainstorming, as it contributes to the visual representation of the ideas (Cory & Slater, 2003). In this instance, it will diminish the absence of consideration of aesthetics during the next discussion.

Evaluation of Leader’s Behavior

In turn, the leader’s behavior has to be assessed, as critical matters such as the cultivation of open and free discussion are of substantial significance (Grice & Skinner, 2013). In this instance, the presence of these features could be considered as a significant strength of the leader’s behavior since a substantial number of ideas were introduced. Based on the information provided above, the leader played the role of the host of the discussion while allowing present the individual and dissimilar ideas.

Furthermore, the clarification of the concepts has to be determined, as it assists in the compliance with the establishment of the efficient solution to the selected issue (Grice & Skinner, 2013). Nevertheless, the leader failed to consider this aspect, as some of the designated ideas about the vegetation’s improvement were vague and lacked details. In turn, this feature was a core reason for the inability to consider aesthetics and determine its high importance to the community.


In the end, it could be said that the overall communication within the discussion of the necessity of vegetation was well-established due to the actions of the leader and the activeness of the group members. Nonetheless, the group was not able to consider the necessity to assess the solutions from different angles, and it led to the inability to determine the vitality of aesthetics for the community. Nevertheless, despite the existent drawbacks, the group could be viewed as being useful, as the operational solution was established. Lastly, the immediate resolution to this issue is the utilization of brainstorming, as it assists in forming the overall image of the decision-making process.

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