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United Arab Emirates 2021 Vision as to Information Security


It is necessary to mention that the UAE has been developing at rapid rates over the last few years, and it has become one of the leaders in some of the industries. The development of the vision of the region is critical because it is much easier to keep track of the progress and meet the objectives according to the schedule. A lot of attention should be devoted to IP because it is noted as one of the crucial areas that need to be improved. It is beneficial to review the suggested changes to get a better understanding of the subject matter, and it will be possible to develop a set of recommendations based on the knowledge that was gained.

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The vision is well-developed and contains core information regarding the primary goals and expected outcomes of the initiative. It is suggested that a set of policies aimed at the protection of IP will be introduced over the years. The fact that the government has recognized the fact that some regulations complicate the operations for many foreign enterprises is critical. It is noted that the UAE is the leader in the overall quality of roads, the use of information and communication technologies by the government, and the level of air transportation (Federal Competitiveness and Statistical Authority, 2015).

It would be reasonable to take advantage of the position and establish a supportive environment for foreign businesses. The decision to focus on this area is incredibly important because many investors were reluctant to consider the UAE as an option because they were worried about the limitations of the current approaches. Data privacy is an area that is especially problematic at the moment and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The primary issue is that most of the policies are not yet fully developed, and could be improved in the future. The safety of information may be at risk if a company does not take applicable policies into account, and it may complicate some of the operations.

Another problem that needs to be highlighted is that the process of examination of licenses takes a lot of time under the current law, and it may require even more than several years. Therefore, this can be viewed as an enormous problem because new technologies and techniques are being introduced every day, and the process of development may be affected because authors cannot protect their ideas. Also, the process of registration can be complicated because it is necessary to receive approval from the Ministry of Economy for the patent to be recognized.

Furthermore, the implementation of IP systems can be critical. The experience of other countries may be analyzed to determine the approaches that are the most efficient in the long-term. Such policies could have a tremendous impact on both the social and economic development of the region. However, the choice of policies is crucial in such situations. It would be appropriate to protect native developers, and such an approach must be aligned with the overall vision of the country.

The corporations would be inclined to invest in research, and scientists will be capable of focusing on innovative technologies and techniques. One of the essential steps in the development of a framework that should be based on the analysis of available data. Conceptualization is vital in such cases, and the system needs to be well-developed to ensure that possible complications are avoided. IP enforcement is one of the essential instruments, and it is paramount to pay attention to the competency and skills of professionals in this area. Such alterations will be beneficial to the economy of the UAE because the needs of foreigners are also taken into account.

International dimensions of intellectual property are essential, and the government of the country has recognized that the focus on this aspect is important to make sure that the country may become one of the leaders in the future (UAE Vision 2021, n.d.). The relationships with other regions are incredibly valuable, and it would be much easier to participate in most projects if current barriers are eliminated.

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In summary, it is hard to argue with the fact that the policies related to IP would help the economy of the country to develop. The protection offered to developers and scientists is sufficient, but the process of registration needs to be improved significantly. It would be reasonable to invest funds in the establishment of responsible committees that would investigate such issues. Also, it is expected that such changes would facilitate the development of the UAE, and would help the region to realize its potential.

The process can be rather slow, but the government is determined to make necessary changes. The development of innovative technologies is one of the areas that need to be improved, and proposed changes to IP policies would solve the problem. Overall, it is possible to state that the 2021 vision of the country is quite comprehensive, and one of the aspects that should not be disregarded is that it may be altered depending on the situation.


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