United HealthCare Services, Inc.

United Healthcare

United HealthCare Services, Inc. (UHS) that was founded in 1977, is a part of UnitedHealth Group, Inc (UHG). UHS provides a wide variety of healthcare services, including “Medicare plans, Medicaid plans, medical plans, consumer-driven health plans, dental plans, vision plans, disability plans, life insurance plans, critical illness plans, and accident insurance plans” (Bloomberg, 2016, par. 1). In the US, the company is the leading health insurer, and the number of its customers amounts to more than 40 million, with 30 million of them brought by the UHS Employer and Individual Unit (Vault.com, 2016, para. 1-2).

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The UHS Global provides its services internationally, for example, in Brazil. Other businesses of the UHG (Optum services) serve 45 million customers more. UHG is admittedly the largest healthcare provider in the US (UHS, 2016a). As of 2015, UHG was ranked #14 in Fortune 500; the competitors of the group include AETNA, Inc., Humana, Inc., and Anthem, Inc (Hoover’s, 2016, para. 1-2).

Current Strategy

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the UHS can be described as the improvement of the quality, accessibility, affordability, and technological advancement of the healthcare in the US and globally (UHS, 2016a; UHG, 2016b).

Network Growth

Throughout the years, UHG grew geographically (internationally and within the US) through acquisitions (for example, MedSynergies in 2014), subsidiary establishing, and with the help of governmental health coverage contracts, such as the federal TRICARE West Region plan that the company took up as its administrator in 2013 (Vault, 2016, para. 10-14). Apart from that, the company has been diversifying its products as well as distribution channels. An example of the latter is the Healthcare Marketplace that was introduced in 2014 as a plan purchase platform for employers. The company is using modern technology actively in its marketing strategy, for example, by transferring its diabetes prevention program to its online services (Vault, 2016, para. 11).

Workforce Attraction, Retention, and Management

UHG offers workplaces in its various sectors and promises its employees an opportunity for “making a difference” (UHG, 2016b; UHG, 2016c, para. 1). Apart from that, the UHG (2016c) states explicitly that it values individual choice of the customers and is customer-oriented, which requires expert skills from its professionals. The company is willing to promote and develop these skills and seeks to retain the workforce with the help of its rewards and benefits and by creating an inclusive and empowering working environment (UHG, 2016a; UHG, 2016b; UHG, 2016c; UHG, 2016d). As a result, the company’s network includes 6,100 hospitals in the US, with about 850,000 doctors (Vault.com, 2016, para. 5).

Customer Satisfaction and Quality

As can be seen above, the company uses its reputation as a workforce attraction tool. Indeed, the company’s work has been recognized. Examples include the online feature myClaims Manager or Baby Blocks interactive program that earned the company awards in 2014 and 2015, respectively, for their patient-educating and innovative character (UHS, 2016b). On the global scale, UHS (2016b) brand Amil was ranked “21st most valuable” (para. 11).

Readiness in Addressing the Health Care Needs in the Next Decade

UHS is ready to address the healthcare needs of the US and on the global scale through its constant improvement efforts. The recognition of the need for technological advancement makes UHS especially suited for the modern-age healthcare. The size of the company and its consistent growth provides it with relative stability in the aftershocks of the recession and in the context of the modern politically and economically turbulent environment (United Nations, 2015).

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Strategic Plan

Network Growth

The company still has some room for growth, especially outside the US. Its usual strategies that include acquisition and government contracts appear valid in terms of the US; apart from that, the company has the resources for such an expansion. Outside the US, however, the company is more likely to experience stronger competition since its reputation and position in the US are more prominent. Therefore, to expand internationally, the company needs to develop specific strategies for various regions.

Nurse Staffing and Resource Management

In terms of staffing, the company’s strategy of emphasizing motivation appears to be exceptionally successful. The modern trends in staffing include transformational leadership, empowerment, and professional development, which can be incorporated into the company’s plan (Messmer & Turkel, 2010).

Given the size of UHS, it has the resources for choosing its strategies. For the time being, it appears that the company focuses on the development and modernization of its products, which is a thoughtful approach that should be maintained to ensure the company’s competitiveness.

Patient Satisfaction

Most of the organization’s strategy elements are eventually aimed at customer satisfaction. By ensuring the top-quality service and products, the company also ensures customer attraction and satisfaction. An important part of the modern customer satisfaction strategy lies in transferring the services to the online environment. By modernizing the services this way, the company ensures its accessibility and convenience, which improves customers’ satisfaction as has been demonstrated by the company’s awards.


UHS is a healthcare giant of the industry in the US that also develops internationally. Its current strategy is most successful due to its emphasis on service quality, new product development, and continuous expansion. The effort of service modernization that the company appears to have been making has brought it awards and customer appreciation. Therefore, the primary recommendation for the company would be to proceed to move in the mentioned direction. Its size ensures that the organization has the resources that are necessary to grow and develop in accordance with this strategy and UHS’s vision.


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