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US Gun Control Measures and Crime Rates Reduction


Security has been an issue of debate all over the world due to the prevalence of criminal activities. These activities have become complex with an increase in greed and selfishness among human beings. This has led to the prevalence of arms in public hands arousing debate on the legality of controlling their ownership.

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There are several justifications for gun control measures to be taken regardless of the consequences associated with the practice (Winkler 43). Human beings demand democracy and respect for human rights as essentials for proper governance and leadership attributes, and those in power must respect them. It is necessary to note that such freedom come with responsibilities. Gun control is an essential step that will ensure people account for several security aspects as is evident in this discussion.

Gun control measures including registration of guns and traders dealing with them will curb all illegal gun trading activities. There are hundreds of gun traders that sell and buy illegal arms all over the world. These guns are home made, stolen or smuggled from other countries (Lott 21). In addition, it is possible to hunt down on illegal arms owned by the public if all guns have certifications that indicate their sellers. This will provide essential ways of fighting criminal activities like robbery and muggings.

When states adopt measures regarding gun control, there will be easy record keeping and retention regarding all guns related activities. Security personnel will track stolen guns and those that aid in criminal activities. Registration of all guns will enable people be responsible for any activity that associates with their guns. Gun traders will have all documents to show their clients’ purchases.

Lastly, this action will ensure only authorized people purchase and use guns. The serialization of guns will ensure nobody under 21 years of age owns a gun. In addition, it will limit cases of children misusing guns and exposing their lives and those of other people to danger.

However, gun control will not be an absolute solution to security challenges. Registration of guns will not help control gun ownership by criminals. Already, there are several guns in their hands, and the last thing they will do is to register such guns (Lott 77). Moreover, forcing people to register their guns does not dispute that criminals will register their guns knowing their activities are illegal.

The process will lead to further complications since there are federal laws that already cover this aspect. Therefore, the process will only add to consumer expenses that are utterly unnecessary. There is no need to add more laws to already existing ones if at all they address the same issue of gun ownership and security measures.

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Lastly, there has been no proven case that serialization of criminal guns will help solve insecurity problems. There is enough proof that stamps and serial numbers imposed on guns fade off easily and fail security tests (Winkler 101). Criminals will get their way out through smuggled or home made guns. The use of security cameras and community policing are better ways of handling criminals than gun control measures.


Despite the challenges that make gun control ineffective, the process will somehow reduce cases of illegal arms trading and ownership. This albeit small will ensure the public is safe from frequent criminal activities. Therefore, the practice should go on, and people should cooperate instead of criticizing the initiative.

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