V for Vendetta – Film Study

“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (Chocano, “V for Vendetta”) That is one of the arguments that has been presented in the movie V for Vendetta. The movie is engaging and although it might seem unappealing to all those who do not like politically oriented movies, the story is catching expressing many political ideas which are urgent in the world today, among many other issues the movie addresses.

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Themes and Ideas in the Movie

V for Vendetta is based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. It is not a superhero movie or a movie with a lot of actions. However, this movie presents an idea that can be adopted in the current political arena. In the movie, the British government has managed to attain complete power and is using that power to oppress people.

However, one of the casualties V (Hugo Weaving), opposes the government and is determined to make sure that the people are well informed of their rights being free from oppression. V is a terrorist, which is why he is the person the government is eager to catch. To do this, the government gathers all its resources to make sure that they stop V from educating the masses on their rights. To make things right, V turns to use violence.

V’s argument in support of his actions is that the violence and the bombing of the British parliament are not what is supposed to change the way the government operates but it must come out as a symbol of liberty. In his conversation with Evey, V says “The building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by the people. Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.” (Tyler, “V for Vendetta”)

The movie also presents the idea that people have to be liberated from the captivity of fear in order for them to fearlessly fight for what is rightfully theirs. V encourages Evey to free herself from fear, “You found something else. In that cell, you found something that mattered more to you than life. Because when they threatened to kill you unless you gave them what they wanted… you told them you’d rather die. You faced your death, Evey. You were calm. You were still; try to feel now what you felt then.”

In a country where there is no justice and there are a number of atrocities being committed towards the innocent citizens, in a situation where the government has complete power but no motive to rescue the normal citizens from the manipulation of the rich and powerful, the people need to stand and ignite a war that will liberate them from the hands of oppression. (Raimondo, “Go see V for Vendetta”)

In an effort to complete his mission, which was to wedge war against the government and make sure that he encouraged the people to fight for their rights, V is not afraid to kill. However, his main plan was to destroy the parliament on the anniversary of the vigilante. Guy Fawkes was the first to attempt to do the same thing in 1605. The building represented the government, and the act of its destruction represented the end of the oppression. In his speeches, which were full of hard words that sounded similar to a new language, he touches on terrorism, religious freedom, freedom of speech, homosexuality and other issues that are vital for the society.

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The movie is full of ironic twists and unpredictable events that keep the viewer glued to the screen. The cast delivers outstanding performances. Some of these include Natalie Portman, as Evey, Hugo Weaving, as V, Alan Moore, and others.

In general, it must be highlighted that this is a must-watch movie.

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