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Vaccination Against the Covid-19 Among Healthcare Professionals

Scientists and health experts worldwide are working together to speed up research and development to create new norms and guidelines to help stop the transmission of the CoV-2 virus and care for those infected. For more than a year, epidemiologists, virologists, and immunologists from across the world have worked together and separately in different labs to create vaccines against COVID-19 disease in order to provide the population with immunization to avoid or delay severe forms and deaths and to prevent or delay severe forms and deaths.

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Though vaccines have been well-received in general, some populations are not likely to support vaccinations. There are many explanations for this, according to the literature. The global public has concocted numerous conspiracy theories and conspiracies against vaccines, which are split into benefits and drawbacks of vaccination due to psychological, socioeconomic, and spiritual/religious factors. Unfortunately, many healthcare staff has not had the opportunity to be immunized, at least with the first dose of anti-Covid-19 vaccines. Some people want to delay or reject vaccines, while others choose to wait for a high-quality vaccine.

Throughout recent years, healthcare professionals, including scholars and scientists, have played a significant role in advancing research related to the manufacturing of vaccines and their active involvement in population vaccinations. I decided to investigate the adoption of Covid-19 vaccination among academics and resident doctors at the University of Drugs and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testimitanu” in Moldova, who work in healthcare science and practice. In the current political and economic situation in Moldova, lawmakers’ and the general public’s attitudes about such vaccines and their procurement are polarized. Vaccines have been imported in limited quantities and often from donations from various countries under the names Pfizer, “Oxford” AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm (BBTBP-CorV), and Sputnik. Although Moldova is a small country, the Republic of Moldova’s current population is 4,026,912 as of Friday, 2 April 2021, according to Worldometers’ analysis of the most recent United Nations numbers.

The essence of the report is to examine the level of use of the Covid-19 vaccine and the factors influencing hesitation about vaccination among employees and students of the Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Moldova. Moreover, to determine how many employees and students have got, postponed, or declined the Covid-19 vaccine; to determine the reasons for vaccine deferral or refusal; to determine the causes for vaccine acceptance. Different engines for medical studies of vaccines for Covid-19 will be used for the literature review: different reviews and abstracts archive, statistical records international and national WHO, Governmental, Moldova University), informal services, University library (e-journals).

The study will be conducted as a cross-sectional questionnaire survey. The survey will be created using the Monkey Survey Software. Academics, master’s, and Ph.D. students in drugs and pharmacy at Moldova’s “Nicolae Testemitanu” University will participate in the study. The university also has many colleges, including a hospital-based school of drugs for area students pursuing a public health specialty. For international students, the second school of drugs includes dentistry, pharmacy, and a fifth unit that can include a combination of educational courses such as pre-university remedial training and post-graduate specialty training. The university uses new international teaching approaches and academic principles to educate its students, focusing on didactic and advanced analysis and synthesizing concepts. Within the “Nicolae Testimitanu Moldova” Medicine and Pharmacy University, 1200 physicians, academic/researchers, 182 MSc doctors, and 383 Ph.D. doctors are working (USMF 2021).

The information about the thesis will be shared with all healthcare university academic medical personnel physicians, masters, and Ph.D. within the Medicine and Pharmacy University “Nicolae Testemitanu” Moldova using a contact list issued by the university after obtaining gatekeeper approval. The details will be disseminated through the following platforms: the university website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and others. Inside the information sheet, there will be a connection to the survey. Doctors and healthcare professionals older than 18 are required. The participants will fill out the questionnaire online and send it back to email address. The statistical software will be used to conduct the research. The frequency and measurements: mean, median, and mode will be used for descriptive statistics. Sorting, grouping, summarizing, interpretation, and reporting will analyze and verify the data. Quantitative data will be collected through surveys and analysis. The data will be shown in the SPSS version. Permission from the university for the research of university doctors would be received.

The surveys will be anonymous, and users who complete the survey will be considered to have given their permission. Please read and fill out this form entirely. If you agree to take part in this report, check the appropriate boxes and sign and date the agreement at the end. If there is something you do not understand and would like to know more about, please inquire.

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