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Value, Mores, Folkway, Sanction in Holiday Celebrations

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Value encompasses people’s preferences that concern a course of action or outcome that can be termed as right. Values enhance the aspect. One of the values might for instance entail treating others with dignity. Values usually have the capability of influencing people’s behaviors as well as their attitudes. Someone who values equal rights for all might feel uncomfortable working for an organization that treats its managers with dignity and ignores the rest of the workers. Different cultures have different values that the members share. Societal values are often characterized by honoring or respecting certain people.

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Values play significant roles in the celebration of certain holidays. We as Christians for instance attach much importance to Jesus Christ as we believe that Christianity is the only way to salvation. That is why we commemorate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day and commemorate his death and resurrection during the Easter period. The value of patriotism is usually made manifest during the national holidays through acts such as raising the national flag. Other values like respect as well as support for the bereaved are manifested during funerals through solemnity and the wearing of dark clothing (Arrow 200).


These are a set of society norms as well as the customs that are usually derived from acceptable behavior within society. They are usually based on practices rather than the written law. Mores constitute the conventions as well as the values that embody a group’s or societies fundamental values. They include the acquired customs and manners. Mores are usually developed to enhance a lifestyle that is sustainable for people.

They usually guide people’s behaviors. Rational people on the other hand follow them only if they are optimal (Asch 100). They provide an expectation of how people should behave in certain situations and failure to comply with them is usually punishable in a way. Our church for instance insists on the celebration of the Christmas celebration hence and any splinter group that would go contrary to this might be exterminated from the major church.


Folkway encompasses individual’s habits as well as the societal customs that emerge due to the efforts to satisfy the needs. They in the end become societal regulations and are taken up by the succeeding generations. They usually become a social force. They are aspects of culture that are usually transmitted by imitation, observation or through oral means. They encompass the material, spiritual and verbal aspects of culture. They are preserved and passed to the coming generation. The Memorial Day celebration for our fore grandparents for instance is passed from one generation to the next so as to commemorate those who died before that belonged to our family lineage. This is basically done through imitation as well as through verbal means (Campbell 134).


Sanctions usually involve the penalties as well as other means that are employed in order to enforce the law or ensure compliance to the set rules and regulations. Criminal sanctions for instance can be in the form of punishment or fines. Violation of certain rules and regulations usually result in sanctions. These are meant to ensure that certain behavioral practices are in line with the law. In my family for instance, refusal to comply with the Memorial Day celebrations might result in the family member being exterminated from the family and this acts as sanctions to ensure compliance (Bailey 222).

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