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Cultural Sensitivity, Awareness and Competence

Introduction It should be noted that political, economic, social, and other processes taking place in society are gradually reflected in inter-ethnic contacts. This leads to the fact that they activate various psychological reactions both at the personal and at the group levels (Bird & Mendenhall, 2016). The exacerbation of ethnocentric processes in the United States, Europe, and other countries push…

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Why America Loves to Hate the Kardashian Family

No family in modern history has managed to attract the level of attention and popularity, among members of the public who often profess to hate the family, as the Kardashians have. The Kardashian family is famous for a reality TV show known as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK)” whose concept emerged from an infamous sex scandal by Kim Kardashian.…

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American Weddings Vs. Indian Weddings

Introduction A major characteristic of different countries and religions is that they have varying traditions. However, some traditions and events are universal to the human community. One tradition that is common among all countries and religions is the wedding ceremony. Great importance is placed on this event and it entails various celebrations and rituals that take place as the society…

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“Media, Culture, and the Meanings of Hockey” by Lorenz

Critical Analysis It should be noted that many Canadians are fond of hockey, and they consider it a symbol of their country. It is not only a kind of sports but also a lifestyle for many fans. Hockey Night is one of the most crucial events in the sports life of the state, and many people leave all their affairs…

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Norway and Spain: Intercultural Difference

Every culture is specific and has its own quite predictable social behavioral patterns so that it becomes possible to learn how to communicate with a representative of a certain culture. Identified by Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner after a thorough analysis of thousands of questionnaires, the model of seven dimensions reflects the issues that distinguish cultures from each other. This…

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Multicultural Competence Importance

Cultural competence involves a great deal of self-examination in relation to inner beliefs, biases, values, and preferences. Throughout this course, we have covered material on how cultural competence is embedded in various professional disciplines. However, it is up to the professionals to be aware of their individual levels of cultural competence. A person’s ability to recognize his/her biases is of…

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Alcohol Culture World History

Introduction Alcohol consumption is a rather widespread phenomenon, as the culture of liquor drinking exists in nearly every state of the world. However, in some states, the production of alcohol and its promotion among certain denizens of the population based on the existing drinking culture is used for political reasons. Although the reasons behind enhanced alcohol consumption may range from…

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The Emo and Goth Subcultures Comparison

Introduction The paper at hand will attempt to compare the Emo and Goth subcultures. Both subcultures emerged in the 1970s on the basis of punk rock and quickly spread across the globe (Brake, 2013). The present study aims to prove that despite the fact that representatives of these movements seem alike to the overwhelming majority, their ideas, languages, and even…

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African-American Family Heritage Analysis

The importance of analyzing one’s heritage lies in people’s need to understand their culture and compare it to the customs of other people. As individuals learn more about their families and behaviors that are unique or inherent in their communities, they can find that their personal values and habits were developed under the influence of many factors. For example, one’s…

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International Audiences: Kenya, Australia, USA

Training to the international audiences requires the consideration of multiple cultural and social differences. The success of training largely depends not merely on the subject content but also on the mode of communication with the targeted audience and ability to meet their interests and cognitive needs. Kenya The logical guide for Kenya includes identification of national peculiarities; indication of the…

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Globalization and Cultural Hybridization

Globalization is one of the most important aspects of the modern world. It affects all spheres of human activity starting from education, policy, management, and ending with art, culture, etc. However, one should keep in mind that it is not a single process but a set of issues affecting the world and promoting the appearance of crucial changes in peoples…

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Raymond Williams’s Opinion About Culture in Society

Introduction In his work, Raymond Williams discussed culture on the basis of his own observations and considerations. The author pointed out that it is ordinary because it is created by the shared means and is available to all. Still, his view seems to be not relevant to the culture in contemporary society because it changed greatly with the course of…

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The Legend of La Llorona and Its Versions

Legends play a significant role in the culture of every country. Historically, such stories were used to transmit certain moral values to the younger generation and served both for educational and entertaining purposes. Therefore, it is believed to be interesting to get familiar with some legends that still affect the imagination of some people. The legend of La Llorona is…

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Irish Celebrations Features

Introduction Like every country, Ireland has a rich history of celebrations, holidays, and festivals. While some of them are shared by the whole world, like New Year or Christmas, others are solely Irish peculiarity, like St. Patrick’s Festival, Bloomsday, or the Irish wake. Each holiday has its traditions, which are cherished by the natives and amaze the visitors of the…

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Lebanese Weddings’ Traditions

Introduction The research at hand will investigate Lebanese Weddings as an important social phenomenon and track how they evolved from traditions to nowadays. A traditional Lebanese wedding is currently perceived as an indicator of power and social status, which makes it strongly tied to the market of luxury services and goods. Such a wedding is a complex service provided through…

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Sports, Music, and Arts for Modernization

Over the last decades, a new culture has emerged and spread all over the world. This new culture has replaced the pre-modern or traditional cultures of some communities or countries in some cases, while the cultures of some states have been transformed or mutated. This evolutionary transition which has affected almost all the continents is what is termed as modernization.…

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Arabic and American Cultural Differences

One of the most interesting things in the current world is the cultural diversity that comes from one country to another. Every person is a unique source of cultural preferences and ideas. People cannot even understand how lucky they are to talk to each other and share their cultural preferences, traditions, and interests. The process of globalization makes it possible…

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Chinese and Japanese Cultural Differences

Culture refers to customs, beliefs as well people’s practices. It encompasses their source of livelihoods as well as the immaterial phenomenon that they pass on from one generation to another. Culture is dynamic and this applies to all the societies in the world. For our discussion, we will be handling the Asian community. These people for several years, they have…

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A. Fadiman’s “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall”

Anne Fadiman, in her book The Spirit, Catches You and You Fall Down, tells the story of a child whom doctors and nurses treated from convulsions. The book revealed the conflict between the child’s parents and the health care specialists of a medical institution in the United States. This writing evidenced the emergence of strong misunderstanding that resulted from the…

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The Importance of Cultural Framing

Introduction Setting the premises for a conflict, cultural frames determine the scope of the vision of the world for a specific social or ethnic group. Preventing the members of the groups in question from seeing past the frames set by the philosophy, which they created, the given phenomenon explains basically any conflict, and nowhere are the effects of cultural framing…

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Culture as a Progressive Way of Life

Introduction Culture is a progressive way of life that is largely dependent on the inevitable changes exhibited by human nature. The changes are guided by religion, morality, and the need for social fulfillment. The definition can be deduced by interpreting the arguments made in a book written by Matthew Arnold. According to Arnold, “culture is a harmonious expansion of all…

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“Culture Is Ordinary” a Work by Raymond Williams

Introduction It is imperative to mention that culture is a fascinating topic that has been actively discussed by scholars. Moreover, it is important to understand that numerous definitions have been suggested, and many scientists have different perspectives. An essay by Raymond Williams titled “Culture is ordinary” that was published in 1958 is especially interesting and needs to be reviewed because…

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Cultural Competence Holistic Health

Introduction The world is continuously evolving and changing. Apparently, these changes and evolutions affect all sectors of society, which include the healthcare sector. Over the recent past, the healthcare sector has experienced numerous changes, which affect the nature of service delivery in healthcare centers. Some of the changes include the issue of culture and lifestyles demonstrated by patients. The fact…

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Intercultural Conflict Styles

Abstract The current paper aims at discussing the peculiarities of the Intercultural Conflict Style model and inventory offered by Hammer in Moodian’s book. There are four main styles defined by the author: discussion, accommodation, engagement, and dynamic. Each style is a good chance to explain how conflict is developed, what the reasons for such conflict, and what the methods of…

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Friendship Concept in American and French Cultures

Introduction The United States has a complex culture that is characterized by historical developments since colonization era. The country is made up of various ethnic and racial groups, each with special cultural system. In an interview asking a native citizen and French migrant to give their views on friendships, it was established that the concept is understood different meaning its…

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New York Ball Culture in “Paris is Burning” Documentary

Did Paris Burn in Vain? The tolerance and acceptance of minorities into society is always a tough process. American society has witnessed several successful occasions when the outcasts have gained their right to equality. Saying that you are gay today is a much less risky feat than it was, say, twenty years ago. And while all the milestones in this…

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Social Time: the Heartbeat of Culture

Time Factor The time difference is a major reason for the versatility in the cultural practices of various communities. Moreover, different perspectives of lateness differ in various communities. Having these differences is the reason for the versatility in the social and corporate world aspects. Introduction The concept of time is viewed differently by everyone over the whole wide world. Some…

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Ethnic Contention of Urban Settlements

This section of the book explores the nature of social struggles that are faced by individuals who reside in urban settlements. Some of the key factors that have contributed to social strife of urban dwellers include forced displacement or transfer of populations, gentrification and urban renewal. Loisaida and the Mission district are both experiencing immense strife occasioned by challenges facing…

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Tattoos Cultural Context: Ancient to Modern

Introduction Tattoos are designs created on the human body by inserting objects beneath the human skin. Tattooing is a form of body modification using indelible ink. The tattooist inserts the ink beneath the skin’s upper layer. Humans have the habit of adopting new cultures that emulate their perception towards various aspects of life. The earliest forms of tattoos are traceable…

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Is Multiculturalism a Good or a Bad Thing?

Introduction Multiculturalism is a term that can be viewed from different aspects. First of all, it is a fact of the surrounding world: our planet is culturally diverse, and most of the modern countries have also ceased to be monocultural. Apart from that, multiculturalism is an ideology that depicts the coexistence of multiple cultures in mutual respect as an ideal.…

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How Multiculturalism Is a Good Thing?

With the rise of trends towards the globalized world, the countries have become open welcoming people from all over the globe. Such openness could not but lead to the outbursts of migration and mixing of cultures. This issue is especially acute in the case of the developed states with higher standards of living and better conditions for employment, obtaining education,…

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The Tibetan Culture Views on Stress Management

Introduction High levels of stress can hinder the efficiency of a person’s undertakings, thus resulting in undesirable outcomes. The management of stress is vital for the enhancement of aspects of spirituality and communication (Seaward, 2015). Fear can emerge due to stress whereby an individual loses self-confidence, which can be portrayed in poor communication (Stahl & Goldstein, 2010). This paper seeks…

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Hispanic American Cultural Group

Overview The Hispanic American cultural group is comprised of individuals of different ancestry. The group includes the Mexican, Colombian, Rican, Neomexican, Guatemalan, Cuban, and Dominican. The Hispanics consist of a group of Americans who originated from Spain (Census Bureau, 2015). Hispanic Americans speak the Spanish language. The Hispanics occupied the U.S. as early as the 16th Century (Census Bureau, 2015).…

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Hispanic Population in the USA

The Hispanic population is the largest national-linguistic minority on the territory of the USA, which has a long and complicated history. The Hispanics living in the USA are the representatives of two unequal groups. The first, which is rather small, is represented with the descendants of the Spanish, who had been living north of Rio Grande before the Mexican-American War…

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Stages of Grief: Acceptance of Death in Diverse Cultures

Death is an inevitability, and sooner or later every human being is put to face it. Grief comes together with death, especially when a loved one dies. The depth and scale of grief depend on the psychological stance of the grieving person: the reaction can be stoic or destructive. However, there are significant similarities in the behavior of the grieving…

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Hispanics Health and Cultural Practices

The Hispanic ethnic grouping (also known as Latino Americans), refers to a group of people who are defined by both their linguistic and cultural origins. Hispanic Americans originated in Spain and other countries in Latin America. Hispanic Americans are made up of a wide range of other ethnicities, including Chicanos, Tejanos, Nuevomexicanos, and Nuyoricans. Hispanics are considered a minority race…

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Superstitions and Traditions Definition

Many people find themselves acting according to superstitions even though they don’t believe in them. On the other hand, there appears to be nothing wrong with following traditions. But what are these two phenomena and is it okay to practice them? In our paper, we will argue that acting according to superstitions just soothes the nerves, and that traditions are…

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Subcultures and Reasons for Their Existence

Introduction Each person living in a society is a part of its culture. This is inevitable; whether we want it or not, we learn from what surrounds us and adopt other people’s habits and manners. However, there exists such a phenomenon as subcultures; members of subcultures are a part of a somewhat different culture than the mainstream one. But, if…

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Halloween, Its History and Celebration

There are quite a number of holidays in the world, each having different reasons for being observed, different degrees of significance, and different levels of popularity, depending on where one is located. Among the holidays, I am most fascinated with that which features a pumpkin lantern, scary costumes and decorations, and kids shouting “trick or treat” to their neighbors at…

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Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives

Introduction Population culture includes all the aspects of life that we live by. It is the manner in which we socialize and the basis that helps in decision making (Danesi, 2008). It is the laid out set of laws by the society at any given time, which defines changes in the society, as we approach different times. Popular culture helps…

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The Canadian Myth of Multiculturalism

Modern-day Canada has become an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and races. Like other first world countries, Canada is a land of immigrants from all over the world. Similar to countries such as the United States, Canada’s early immigrants were from France and England (Bibby, 2000). Around the 1960s, Canada experienced a shift from the original immigrants to other ethnic…

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