Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and “The Sea Coast”


  • The paintings of impressionists are bright and imaginative.
  • The art encourages creativity and promotes inspiration.
  • The Starry Night painting is used as the object of inspiration.
  • Individual work is based on the technique of Van Gogh.
  • The comparison of two pieces of art can be performed.
  • The analysis of the artist’s canvas through its context.
  • Van Gogh’s style is the basis for the inspiration piece creation.

Inspiration Piece

The Starry Night
  • Van Gogh’s The Starry Night was created in 1889 (Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France) (Richardson, Rusyniak, Rusyniak, & Rodning, 2017, p. 389).
  • The landscape of the city is depicted at night.
  • The main elements of the painting are the stars and the moon.
  • A special drawing method makes the image dynamic.
  • The brushstroke technique and color combinations are unique (Artble, 2018).
  • Expressive distortion on the canvas is achieved purposefully.
  • Space is delimited by objects of different sizes.

Context and Artistic Movement

  • The masterpiece was painted by van Gogh during the treatment period.
  • The canvas was created by the artist’s memory (Richardson et al., 2017).
  • This painting is one of van Gogh’s most dynamic works.
  • The Starry Night is made in the style of post-impressionism.
  • The technique of creation is canvas and oil.
  • The artist sought to emphasize the beauty of the night.
  • The canvas is kept in the Museum of Modern Art in New York (Artble, 2018).

Individual Art Piece Description

The Sea Coast
  • Van Gogh’s landscape is taken as a basis.
  • The image is created with bright color markers.
  • The brushstroke style is similar to that of van Gogh.
  • The name of this piece of art is The Sea Coast.
  • Dynamics is the main purpose of the image.
  • Sea waves, mountains, and the sun are the main objects.
  • The emphasis on several parts allows focusing viewers’ attention.

Thematic Connection Between the Two Pieces

When drawing analogies between the individual art piece and the work of the great artist, some similar features may be traced. For instance, to create two paintings, the identical technique of brush strokes was chosen, which is distinguished by dynamism and, at the same time, smooth lines. The purpose of both pieces is to display the beauty of nature through bright colors and an emphasis on individual elements. Landscapes are shown in a similar style, and some shades are the same, in particular, the palette of van Gogh’s night sky and the color of the waves in individual work.

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Also, there are some distinctive features in both art pieces. In the work of van Gogh, the canvas has a solid oil coating, and in the individual picture, a part of the space is not used. The landscape itself is different because the artist focuses on the starry sky, and in the personal piece, a sunny day at the seaside is depicted. Tools for creating paintings are also not the same: van Gogh applies oil paint, and in the individual work, colored markers are used.

The impact of both art pieces on the audience is similar since an identical style can be traced in the paintings. There are no characters, which draws attention to nature and focuses on individual elements. A gradual study allows considering the painting’s performance style in detail. Philosophical overtones are absent, and both pieces are aimed at keeping viewers’ imagination. An opportunity to compare two paintings helps us to determine the typical painting style of van Gogh and evaluate the mastery of the artist depicting the landscape in a dynamic manner.


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