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Video Recording of George Floyd’s Murder

Video is an integral part of human life, as it allows people to capture many important moments. There was a time when videos were recorded only for keeping important events in memory. Still, over time, the possibilities have increased, and now video recording is widely used in many areas of people’s lives. Making a video is very important and necessary in some cases because it can help save valuable moments of life and in many difficult situations to prove somebodies’ guilt or rightness.

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People record videos to review the happy moments of life and remember their feelings in that situation. Usually, people take their vacation in another country, with its sights and exciting events. They also shoot a wedding or the birth of a child, its development and growth. After all, usually, such moments do not last long, and it is complicated to remember every detail. Therefore, by reviewing the video, people can immerse themselves in a time when they were happy.

Students and employees also use video recording to clearly show a particular fact that will help them succeed in business. In addition, in modern times, video is used to earn money. By showing exciting content that may not be available to someone in real life, people have a chance to see something unusual around them and get new information and knowledge. For people to share their videos, many different social networks have been created with convenient access and the function of viewing videos online.

Naturally, in addition to earning money and capturing moments, videos are actively used to have visual evidence of someone’s guilt or innocence. For example, in 2020, in a video of one of the Minnesota citizens, a police officer was caught holding a suspect in handcuffs, pressed to the ground with his knee (BBC, 2020). This became a resonant and essential case, which further activated the public to fight against racial discrimination and police permissiveness.

This video contains the fact of the murder of an African-American man Floyd by police officer Chauvin. The resonance is that the police officer handcuffed the man, threw him to the ground, and knelt on his neck. Floyd repeatedly begged and asked the police officer to remove his leg from his neck as he could not breathe. The policeman pretended not to hear or ignored the man’s requests (BBC, 2020). Transcripts of police bodycam footage show Floyd said more than 20 times he could not breathe as he was restrained by the officers (BBC, 2020). In this position, he held him for about 9 minutes, and when the ambulance arrived, he continued to restrain the almost motionless criminal with his knee. In the hospital department, Floyd died due to a prolonged lack of oxygen (BBC, 2020). From the beginning and almost to the very end, this terrible story was captured on video.

The video was filmed and then distributed all over the Internet, which caused a lot of protests. However, based on the evidence, this video, the police officer was found guilty in court. This situation also proves that the video material, in this case, was necessary for a fair decision of the court. Probably without video, it would have been more difficult for the court to decide in Floyd’s favor since the fact of the murder would have been exclusively oral.

In conclusion, video is essential at almost every stage of people’s lives. With the ability to make videos, people gain the ability to save important moments, make a recording for work or school, and film crimes and draw public attention to acute problems. Therefore, such a tool as a video camera is one of the most necessary things for any person all over the world.

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