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Efficiency of Tik Tok Video About Sanitizers

The Tik Tok video concept enhances communication, marketing, and promotion of ideas that have created controversial responses confusing the community rather than educating. However, in the Tik Tok video of Jonathan, clarity, and understanding have been achieved, making the video go viral. Jonathan’s video is hilarious, intriguing, and lucrative to watch since a couple of lessons are provided for the audience to learn and practice. The theme of the video is about the importance and effectiveness of hand sanitizers in regard to bacteria. The video starts when Jonathan comes into contact with germs after coughing and using his bare hands to touch surfaces. He does not flex the elbow while coughing as a way of preventing germs. Instead, he uses his hands to handle characters all over the house.

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The concept of germs being everywhere is illustrated when he acquires germs when performing reading and sneezing activities. The video on TikTok is attractive to society because it advocates sanitizers in learning and political and social-economic institutions. The critical aspect to know is the inclusion of hand sanitizers at home while performing house chores. There is a concept of what should be done after contamination of the hands. He quickly rushes to hand sanitizer and quickly sanitizes. After some time, the bacteria get some form of discomfort and react with the sanitizer, therapeutic. The use of toy guns is evident in showing how efficient hand sanitizers are when used appropriately. The sanitizer reacts to bacteria in that the germs try to be resilient but eventually get outweighed and get killed.

The video mimics how germs behave when exposed to sanitizer and lasts for approximately fifty-nine seconds. The video portrays hand hygiene through sanitizing, which is essential because hands get exposed to surfaces full of infectious micro-organisms that lead to bacteria spreading. The video is a reminder that sanitizer is appropriate to use if water and soap are not available. The sanitizer contains sixty percent of alcohol that prevents germs from spreading further when used correctly. Hands get contaminated through coughing and sneezing that applies micro-organisms to hands and eventually throughout the body. Arguably, the idea presented in the video can be taken and conserved by people from different communities. The video advertisers have had congruent communication and can easily be practiced, especially during the pandemic scourge. In the middle of a pandemic, the Tik Tok video is essential and introduced to send a community message to emulate in curbing the pandemic.

Tik Tok videos have become influential in recent times, especially during the pandemic scourge. Jonathan’s video has gone viral in promoting the hand sanitizing concept creating a significant impact on the community’s viewers. The reason for the attraction is that the video acts as a metaphor since it portrays how the idea of sanitizing moves rapidly in modern society (Joan et al., 2016). The buildup of alcohol sanitizer has improved due to the marketing done by the Tik Tok video. The concept is unique since Jonathan plays two roles as a sanitizer and also bacteria, making it even more appealing to watch. The impression of thinking more about the sanitizer’s impact on bacteria becomes more engaging, resulting in people wanting to watch repeatedly. The context of the video has the power to pass communication in just a short period. The video is based on teachings that are increasingly wanting the community to participate while they are at home, workplace, or any place where sanitizer is essential. Despite the modern culture, the Tik Tok video has impacted male and female genders, whether young or old, and become efficient in fighting against bacteria.

The video’s idea is pragmatic and can be replicated by being practiced and reworked by several communities worldwide. The video has got inflated capacity for the communication process. The concept of sanitizer on the bacteria is evident in Jonathan’s behavior, enhancing the impact of hand sanitizer on bacteria. The video emphasizes the consumers or rather the users, thus facilitating the spread on social media. The video has got the innovative style of ‘killer text’ that stipulates therefore targeting the culture ‘blood stream’ (Joan et al., 2016). The idea of infection in our modern cultural setting predisposes the need of audience of wanting a concept video that recapitulates how infection can be reduced

The marketing notion of using hand sanitizer is powerful and efficient in that the video spreads on social media like a virus. The message passed in the video is cool enough that it targets multiple viewers. As the art of viral videos, the video is of attraction because of designing a video structure that has got viral properties and is authentic to the community through which the video circulates. The video’s appeal relies on technical properties that have been master classed. The conversation and notion of hand sanitizer come into contention because of the current state of the pandemic scourge of Covid 19 in the community. The community’s current situation has contributed to multiple users if Tik Tok wants to know more about sanitizers, thus enhancing circulation. In essence, the message illustrated regarding sanitizers tackles the current situation globally, facilitating people from all communities to want to view the new concept of hand sanitizing.

The video has a comic in it, which people love to see, especially in modern culture. The video has promotional elements that make the video even more intriguing to watch. The video teaches the unique notion of cultural teaching using antiseptic hand rub used to destroy common pathogens. Therefore the video has positively impacted the use of sanitizer in the community. The video possesses fidelity; that is, the tape must spread and retain information as the content is passed from one person to another.

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Additionally, the video has more influence on the mind that the notion created gets absorbed and survives longer in the viewers (Joan et al., 2016). The video is centered on the concept of hand sanitizing to kill bacteria which is coherent, easily understood, and replicates efficiently in a manner of spreading from one person to another. The video is built on a good concept with a mixture of techniques. The techniques of being funny, educating bit of the content, compelling effect, appealing and can be easily be remembered.

The video has the concept of a fast spread of information to the audience. The duration of one minute makes it even easier to watch by avoiding boredom. In modern culture, the video characterizes the rapid flow of concept; in this case, sanitizer is perceived by so many viewers (Jain et al., 2016). The presentation is objective in that there are logical flow and the outcome of hand sanitizing. Throughout the video, the meaning of using sanitizer is portrayed, making it even simple to understand. The notion presented can be watched by any gender regardless of age since hand sanitizing is a global concern. The most basic concept is that people are already practicing sanitizers because of the knowledge and inspiration driven in the video.

The content creator understands the culture of the viewers which leaves them with human choices to make. Either use the alcohol-based sanitizer to enhance hygiene culture that prevents bacteria. The video’s idea can be easily practiced, inspired and transformed, and spread to others worldwide. The argument for the effective use of hand sanitizer as portrayed in the video changes the layman’s thinking. He does not understand the mechanism through which the sanitizer works. The viral properties are well illustrated and executed in the video, praising the community’s attraction and impact (Joan et al., 2016). Target to the new culture of hand hygiene perfectly soothes the audience, leading to hand sanitizer’s collective use. Tik Tok videos are responsible for educating, communicating, promoting, and enhancing the culture of different communities.

The video helps to understand the use of sanitizers in modern society. The impact and attraction of the video are significantly taught in society. Content creators have tackled the contemporary issue of excellent concern pandemic scourge by promoting hand sanitizers evident in the video. Through the Tik Tok video, information extensively spreads to all communities across the globe regarding hand hygiene. The idea presented is goal-oriented and can be watched by all genders regardless of age. The video has a concept that targets the modern culture through the brief presentation of information that is characteristic of current TikTok videos.


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