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“Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” by Neil Postman


Neil Postman in his article virtual students begins by saying that the new technology of computers has been given the status of a god. Computers are known to provide a lot of information that motivates students to learn more in their studies.(Neil, 1995).He says that traditional classroom teaching is facing barriers because some people view it as a complete waste of time since they can access the information using computers.

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The article brings out a very surprising idea; that the modern technologies have made the availability of schools to be viewed as meaningless in the coming decades. Neil Postman says that abolition of traditional classrooms will only lead to the escalation of the social problems such as inequality which is created by technological differences in the society.

Thus technology poses challenges to the traditions set, whereby students are supposed to attend classes to be taught the basics of education and way of life. Neil postman in this article does not support that classrooms will become of no use due to the introduction of computers because students are generally motivated to learn and technology helps by getting them the knowledge they require (Neil, 1995).The article also talks about the roles that the new technology has taken up and the changes that accompany it.

Some of the values that people have acquired in life were learned through the persistence in school by the teachers in a setting that is common for all students. The practice of allowing children to be in class is referred to us making them civilized. Technologies that are new are aimed at making sure that all persons whether from rich or poor families get equal access to information and technologies. However this is not possible because economies in the world have many differences which leave people settling for different brands of computers which vary in terms of quality.

Schools are there so that they can help students learn how to respond to some of the social troubles presented by the society such as poverty and disintegration of family among other issues. Postman says that people go to school to shape the information that they have acquired outside the classroom. He also says that technology in the long run will not be able to solve every issue that is disturbing the society especially psychological ones.


The technology of computers has positive and negative impacts on society. Computers help in the fast processing of information and that is why they are largely embraced. Technology also offers information that is quite overwhelming for the students and they sometimes do not know what to do with the information the technology has exposed them to. Technology exposes students to a lot of harm, for example spending too much time on the television or the computer can cause damage to the eyes and body posture. Technology exposes us to a lot of danger because it has changed how people socialize with their peers and even in the family.

The television and computer games that children play make them very bright in class and also about handling some personal issues. While playing those games they engage themselves in a lot of brainwork. The kids who are from poor families are disadvantaged because they are not so exposed to the world of computers. All in all technology of computers has led the world to evolution and it is these new inventions that will create the world to become a better place for mankind.

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People are idolizing computers and as much as this continues the world needs to understand that technology lacks the basics that students learn in class which can help them fit well in society. This includes the group works that students are put in by their teachers. They learn how to interact other than using the social networks where people mostly talk to strangers. We have become slaves to technology and we have no choice but to keep making it even better


Innovation is taking place every day and we have no choice but to adapt to it because it has become a new way of life. This is the sole reason why in almost all the institutions there are computers to serve and make work easier. Children nowadays have a lot of knowledge regarding technology from a young age. Since in schools the teachers teach basics or guides to acquire information, the students are left with the task of familiarizing themselves with computers to tackle assignments and researches conducted.

The article in the end says that institutions of education will be of no use when technology evolves and teaches people how to become civilized so that they will not have to go to the classroom. Hence, until that comes to pass the traditional classroom will continue to prevail even with its shortcomings because it provides students with a sense of community building.


Neil, P. (1995).Virtual Students, Digital Classroom. The Nation, No. 261, pp 377-378.

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