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The Myth of Computers in the Classroom


The use of computers in classrooms has been approached with mixed feelings. While some people feel like it is an unnecessary engagement, a good number are of a different opinion. In both circumstances, it is impossible to ignore the role of computers for a decent performance of students in schools. Computers have, with no doubt, become part of our human existence. Nevertheless, incorporating their use in the classrooms will have varied impacts depending on its use. As Gelernter noted “They have the potential to accomplish great things, but in practice, however, computers make our worst educational enemies” (274). This held true, it is however not worth to ignore the possibility of positive results that could emanate from the use of the same. This research seeks to highlight the positive results that could be achieved through the use of computers and why they should be used in class.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Logically, every invention and every action in life comes along with its merits and demerits. Computers in this case are not an exception as they too have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages on the use of computers are efficiency, accuracy and being an easy way to perform a task. A computer makes work easier and with data storage and transfer features, it is the best option compared to other forms. However with all these, there is the internet that has become the major shortcoming as far as the use of computers in a class is concerned. Students are exposed to pornographic materials and other destructive information through the computer and internet.

Globalization factor

The destructive impact of computers not withstanding, the possibility of a better life through their use in class should not been overlooked. In the current state of affairs at a global scale, ignoring computers would be almost like a suicide engagement. I agree with Gelernter when he says “computers should be in the schools” (300). Countries round the globe are moving in to form a global village hence knowledge sharing is a vital aspect of a student’s life. Computers have the capability to provide better instructional efficiency and encourage the trend of sharing. Students are more exposed to knowledge through exchange programs, learning from other students in different parts of the world.

Globalization has increased the demand for education and skills. The demand for better academic performance has risen as a result of this. The need for better instructional engagements that would capture the students’ attention and make a study easier to capture is a matter of urgency. Computers offer a chance to achieve that with multimedia technologies that would simplify the learning experience. They make learning enjoyable and present real life situations. Hence, studying becomes a good experience. The use of computers therefore considering the above findings is more profitable than harmful in class.

Knowledge factor

Considering the global input in the internet in terms of information availed is vast and helpful. Knowledge is the key to success and the government should be compelled to go all the possible lengths to avail knowledge to students. By allowing computers in class, it not only makes studying more friendly, but also efficiently equips the students with the current developments in knowledge. The computer unlike a book or an instructor is not limited to one source of information. Rather through the internet, one can acquire enormous knowledge from different sources off course increasing the chances of accuracy. This kind of exposure gives the students a better understanding and exposes them to the best sources of knowledge hence increasing the quality of education.

Efficiency and accuracy

Above all the positive impacts in the use of computers, efficiency and accuracy are the most remarkable reasons to engage this electronic device. Computers competence is unmatched compared to human inputs in solving a task or explaining a theory. Information relayed in the internet is in most cases of remarkable precision. These two reasons should prompt our thoughts into thinking towards what we are loosing by delaying the use of computers in schools. Students are entitled to receiving quality and accurate information in their studies. To achieve this all we need is the use of computers in class rooms and this matter will be brought to rest.


With the current technological advancement and fast changes in information, it is a big mistake to think we can keep up to the challenge with the same old practices. Fighting to secure teachers and instructors’ livelihood at the expense of students and knowledge must be out of the question. The priority being the development of students academically by being informed, my opinion is that computers should be allowed in class as they will capture students’ attention. This is not to downplay the roles of instructors, but just as an advanced tactic to counter the technological growth. In my opinion, I feel this is the best move to make in response to global technological advancement. Principles that worked decades ago can not be credited as to be working in the current world of technology. To this effect therefore, a change is inevitable and introduction of computers would be the reasonable first change in schools.

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