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Virtual Team Case Study. Communication Issue

In this case, a proposal for client approval needs to be developed. While the details are important, it’s imperative that a written proposal is available. A written proposal is important because it will provide an overview of what the company is going to develop. It will also act as the first sales tool that the company will be using in its effort to convince the client. Susan the services of Susan Sorehand will be crucial for the accomplishment of this task. She will need the input of the IT professional and the account manager in order to draft a clear concise proposal that will give the require picture to the client. Mr. Parvez Muhammed’s input will inform the development of the whole project. He will be able to advise on the strong points that will be needed to convince the client.

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Another task that will need to be accomplished in the initial stages will be the legal perspective analysis by Ms. Liwen Chen. The client would want to know if the HR system they are about to develop meets the required standards of HR management across all the territories where they operate. Supervision will be carried out by Julie Friendly. She will nee to employ a hands-on approach in supervising this team. The time available for the development of this proposal will require clear and coordinated working so that the deadline is met. After the proposal is done James Smith, will need to familiarize himself with the entire proposal so that he can deliver a good and convincing presentation to the clients.

All team members speak English. Liwen Chen and Parvez may be the only members who may need help in communication English. But there presence in the US indicates mastery in English which may present minimal challenges to the development of the project. Collaboration therefore won’t be very much restrained by language. However, whenever team members will feel comfortable using a different language, the company will engage services of professional language translators who will be based where the team member with the problems is.

Communication will be important in the development of this project. Because the members of the team will be in different parts of the world, asynchronous communication tools will become hand in communication. A special kind of intranet will have to be created especially for this project. All the team members will have access to it and they will need to channel all their communication through it. The team will especially use discussion boards, messaging e mails, streaming video and cell phone conversations. Though the former two may present some stativity in communication and failure to answer questions, they will be handy because of their visuals and speed.

On the other hand synchronous communication will be very much used because it’s faster and can easily compliment the asynchronous communication. The technologies that will be used here include audio conferencing, web conferencing, chat, instant messaging and white boarding. All the above technologies are broad band support applications. All participants will need to agree on the time when all of them meet. The times will be based on GMT when all members will be comfortable to meet. However they will need to be alert at all times since they could be called upon anytime for their input. Cell phones and pagers will be used for the alerts.

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