Visual Learning Style and Improvement Strategy


I have assessed my learning style and it turned out I am a visual learner. Visual learners tend to perceive information better if it is presented in the form of charts, diagrams, pictures, etc. (Anderman & Anderman, 2009). Visual learners also perceive information better when they read it rather than while listening to somebody. This is particularly true when it comes to perceive some complex concepts and memorizing a significant amount of information (Zander et al., 2009). This specific learning style is associated with certain strengths and still has certain areas to improve.

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Strengths and Opportunities

One of the major strengths of the visual learning style is that it helps process and memorize a vast amount of information. Visual learners are capable of memorizing data p0resented in an efficient form. Furthermore, visual learners tend to create graphical representations of the data, e.g. they create tables and charts with the data they need to memorize or understand. While creating the tables and charts, visual learners revise and process information effectively.

Nonetheless, there are certain limitations. In the first place, learners have to be able to create appropriate visual aids for themselves. The table or charts created should be precise and helpful. Apart from this, information is not always presented visually. Learners often have to perceive information verbally or even through actions. Therefore, learners have to develop certain strategies to be able to process various types of information effectively. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to try to develop strategies that combine the three major styles of learning.

An Improvement Strategy

Thus, Anderman and Anderman (2009) stress that it is important to develop a particular learning style, but it is more important to improve other learning styles as well. For instance, visual learners need to develop their ability to perceive information verbally or kinesthetically. Hence, while listening to the information, it is crucial to make notes, i.e. to write down the most important points. It is also possible to create simple graphs describing the information heard. Admittedly, it is crucial to process the information later and try to develop better graphs to represent the information given. The information presented in the form of action (e.g. learners have to practically learn something or come to some conclusions), it can be helpful to reflect upon the experience later. Again, the information learned or the conclusions made can be depicted graphically. This strategy is a combination of learning styles which can help develop the three major types of learning.

Apart from this combination of learning styles, learners can try to perceive information in different ways. Admittedly, learners should not experiment during classes. However, it is possible to start listening to audiobooks. Within some time (a day or a week), the learner can try to retell or just name the most important data (names, dates, numbers, etc.). It is easy to check this information as the same books can be available in the conventional written form.


To sum up, it is possible to note that being a visual learner I have to try to develop my ability to perceive and process information in different ways. While developing the improvement strategy it is crucial to take into account all three learning styles. Remarkably, learners should try to develop their ability to perceive information in different ways.

Reference List

Anderman, E.M., & Anderman, L.H. (Eds.). (2009). Psychology of classroom learning: An encyclopedia (Vol. 2). Detroit: Macmillan.

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