Gifted and Talented Students

Existence of Gifted Programs

Gifted programs have over the years been helpful and beneficial to students who have been enrolled in it. These programs should exist and the money allocated to cater for the programs should be provided. Talent and gifting is part and parcel of our lives and academic support should be offered without discrimination. Nurturing students’ talents reduces the possibility of guiding them into the wrong carrier paths that they may not appreciate (Friend, 2011). Some students are quick to capture concepts than others and this has been the challenge that gifted programs seek to address in order to strike a balance between the two dilemmas. Gifted programs should therefore be harnessed and embraced in all learning institutions.

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Effects of the NCLB on gifted education in the states

The No Child Left behind Policy in the United States has brought about negative effects in gifted education. Teachers are tasked with the responsibility to ensure an equal performance among students. This has eventually caused teachers to turn their focus on the low potential students in order to respond to this policy. As a result, this has brought an imbalanced situation where teachers are trying to make all the students to meet certain level goals. Gifted students are being frustrated by repetition of things they have already mastered hence creating an imbalanced response to their needs.

Do you believe teachers are “afraid” or intimidated of their gifted children?

Teachers are not intimidated or afraid of their gifted students but they are worried about loosing their jobs if they do not reach the set goals. In fact, according to Bainbridge (2012), teachers are frustrated to see those high proficient brains get wasted through the enactment of the NCLB policy. They on the contrary are in favor of gifted education as it provides a platform for a good student to further his or her gifting and talents. Demanding for all students to be in the same level academically is unreasonable just as acknowledged by majority of teachers. In most instances, teachers are more inclined to students who depict special characteristics in academic and extra curricular activities (Bainbridge, 2012).

Accommodating Gifted Children

Majority of the gifted students are better skilled and knowledgeable compared to their counterparts. They sometime are ahead of the teacher which is a good and competitive capability that works to their advantage. Taking them slowly in response to the needs of the less proficient students leaves them bored and less motivated (Friend, 2011). The pace while handling these special students should be moderated to the benefit of both. Giving talented students challenging assignments different from the rest would help challenge their brains and refresh their minds. Students with disabilities should be given special attention and more care to make sure that their situation does not put them in a disadvantaged position with respect to gaining academically.

Outcome of funding Gifted and Talented Education

Funding of gifted education has numerous outcomes including building an all-inclusive academic experience (Bainbridge, 2012). Student from different backgrounds are through the funding and existence of this program exposed to equal chances to seek to knowledge. Highly intelligent students and their low proficient counterparts who do not assimilate information easily through the financial support offered by the government are equally placed in terms of benefiting from academic achievements. Funding his programs has been immensely beneficial to both the students and the parents as well. This has reduced the parent’s burden in catering for their disabled children as well as making studying easier for them.


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