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Vodafone and Telstra: Comparative Analysis

The most appealing current mobile phone package is represented in a product of Vodafone, a cell phone v1415. This is because the popularity of the company and its capacity for transformation of most required options in a phone proved the quality among consumers. It is so because of several reasons: SMS and MMS convenient typesetting with a camera phone made by Vodafone. It is not difficult to find such options because they are displayed on the main page without the help of main menu.

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Furthermore, the product presupposes a connection to a computer for uploading favorite tracks in a built-in MP3 player without missing a call, and a convenient camera with distinctive and easy-to-snapshot photo mechanism. The competitive character of the model is concerned with a constant flow of innovative technologies and applications, as a result. It is so due to the marketing plans of mobile phones leaders.

Vodafone and Telstra are great players in the market of cell phones and supplements to them. The perspective of new applications provision in mobile phones rose with requirements of time and due to the most progressive part of the society, namely youth. The point is that in present days youth cannot go without the options of favorite songs playing or sharing MMS, or making snapshots in different conditions and, in most cases, just for fun. This approach stimulated both producers and competitors to create such innovative functions of phones. The results differed less, but the significant feature considered high price perception (Marketing Analysis). The popularity of SMS proves the hopes of producers, that is why for the youth segment of the markets successful in the US and the UK Telstra and Vodafone rallied their thoughts over the issue of the consumers’ buying power (Daniel & Graham, 2003).

The model of a compatible and rather portable and convenient phone Optus had proved its destination and target point of consumers’ requirements considered with youth. The most attractive feature of this model contemplates the unity of complete functions and options at that time considered with lower prices as of the closest competitors. A needs-based program of Optus succeeds in suggesting for consumers several options which can make leisure more convenient and funny due to the services of Top-10 music posts, entertainments and even a function of ‘Rescue ring’ for prevention of silliness and bothering persons by means of a tactical pre-programmed ring for making an excuse and escaping from an uninteresting company of men (Marketing Analysis). Moreover, the producer of Blackberry, Telstra, for the purpose of situation’s improvement provided i-mode for increasing 3G technologies maintained in developed countries (Glotz & Bertschi 2005).

Summing up, Vodafone Australia has more advantages in its phone and plan approach for youth in contrast with Telstra. It is so, first, because of the plan features: Vodafone suggests a prepaid plan with options of sharing text messages and voice calls inside and outside the country, downloading music and watching mobile TV due to Vodafone Life. (Vodafone 2009) Phones are in a greater assortment in case with Vodafone and cheaper as well. Telstra still proposes plans with a monthly amount of primordial fees up to 24 months, which is not convenient for contemporary youth. (Telstra 2009) The fee depends on what period of time one chooses a phone with a minimum cost.

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