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Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills

Coaches are responsible for effectively explaining and drilling team members on the fundamental skills that create a game. Technical and tactical skills are basics that offer players the appropriate equipment to accomplish the physical necessities of the game. Based on the volleyball practice video that I watched, the coach created various situations for players to utilize their technical and tactical skills, forcing them to make the right choices for the game.

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The volleyball team contained one coach and six players, with half members being on the front row and the rest on the back row, and it was a high school game event. The coach required the players to avoid hitting the ball twice in a sequence or contacting it with any body part (Dede Carranza, 2017). The coach played a significant role in enhancing the players’ technical and tactical skills while helping them realize their goals.

The specific drills that the coach used to offer technical and tactical training for the game were triangle drills. They enabled the players to perform side-to-side shuffle and serve relay drills for moving after hitting the ball. The other exercise passed, which helped the team members move to the ball and give an appropriate pass simultaneously (Dede Carranza, 2017). The coach also introduced spiking drills, attacking, setting, blocking, and detecting and correcting errors in the players’ performance skills. Some of the practical exercises that I would implement in my practice include serving and passing because I tend to stand in the line and miss out on a prompt return play. Moreover, I would also put a passing drill into practice to increase my competence in offering a reliable pass to the intended setter.

In conclusion, the coach was responsible for helping the players maximize their technical and tactical skills. The team comprised of a coach and six players who wholly followed the volleyball rules. Some of the drills used include serving, passing, and triangle drills, which increased the performance and competence of the players. In my practice, I would implement passing and serving drills since I am incompetent in these skills.


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