Walmart’s Unethical Employee Management Practices

Walmart is the company that took the dominant position in the market. The strategy of the business to provide the customers with the American products for the lowest price seems to be essential to the company’s success. There is hardly an organization in the world that does not face challenges, and Walmart is not an exception.

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According to recent researches, Walmart is an unethical business, and some arguments prove this statement. One of the biggest issues that face the employees at Walmart is unfair treatment. Women working for the company have small chances to get a promotion. Moreover, they are paid less than men. More than 70% of the workers are women, and only a few works in higher positions (Wal-Mart Unethical Business Practices – Business Research Paper, n.d.).

The discrimination is the problem that demands the solution. The next issue is the low wages of the employees. The primary objective of the company is to provide low prices; however, it is possible only with cutting the operation costs. That is, the employees are commonly underpaid. Some of the employees cannot afford health insurance. Also, Walmart highlights that people should be paid for every minute. This statement seems to be reasonable and increases respect for the company. However, in reality, people are not always paid for working overtime. To save money and cut operation costs the company uses illegal immigrants as the cheap workforce.

To prosper and make progress, the company should eliminate such problems and customers, as well as employees, will be satisfied. The business will only benefit from dealing with the issues as they are the obstacle on the way towards the accomplishment of the company’s objectives.


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