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Walt Disney’s Success: International Analysis

Walt Disney is one of the most successful companies in the world. The success of the company is associated with a constant innovation in animation and business. It effectively used its resources to become an entertainment company from a simple animation studio. Hiscocks (2016) claims that carefully selected designers played a crucial role in contributing to the success of the company. This suggests that Walt Disney’s success may be resulted in a successful employee selection. Other scholars, Boguszewicz-Kreft et al. (2019) explain that Disney company has a strong brand image that helps creating stories about the company and its products and services. Such myths and stories related to a famous brand is an effective marketing strategy.

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Disney company also gain its success due to its mascot of a mouse. Putri (2019) argues that the mascot of the organization was significant in making it popular among children and strengthening its position within the industry. It was also a good promotion strategy as customers associated the mouse with the business structure, recalling it every time they see the mascot. Similarly. Douglas (2019) also claims that Disney had a great influence on customers due to its long-established brand. Such promotion strategy helped the organization to build other positive stories that linked Disney with customers’ childhood, attaching them to the company.

Overall, Walt Disney company is a worldwide successful company that effectively developed its brand. People have already established positive attitudes on Walt Disney and additional stories will further contribute to that image in customers’ perception of the company. The company’s promotion strategies that are the use of storytelling and mascot along with its human resources recruiting method maintain its success and keep them among top leading companies of the world.

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