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Brand’s Storytelling and Management

I remember one episode from a TV show that attracted my attention – a wealthy person was telling a story related to the issues of his private life, and I realized that I felt connected with this man – regardless of his social status and money, he was the same as ordinary people, with the same problems and life struggles. In the same way, brands attract customers and strengthen their awareness through storytelling. They turn their positions, values, and experience into powerful and emotional messages to target the audience (Dias & Cavalheiro, 2021). For instance, in its advertisement, Nike shows that to reach success, worldwide renowned athletes experience fear and self-doubt as well. Connecting them with other people, the brand shows to every person that he is also special and unique and deserves the greatest achievements.

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Having almost identical products, advertising practices, and marketing strategies, The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi remain competitive companies due to the differences in their storytelling. Coke targets people of all ages and focuses on family, traditions, goodness, friendship, and nostalgia (Maamoun, 2020). It does not heavily rely on celebrity endorsements, however, it invites people with great career achievements in their spheres, such as LeBron James and Taylor Swift. Concerning young generations, the brand emphasizes innovations, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle. In turn, Pepsi focuses on youth, novelty, discoveries, and new experiences. It uses celebrity endorsements inviting the modern generation’s icons, such as Ye or Doja Cat, to attract young people through their representation (Zhou et al., 2019). In addition, it reflects its uniqueness. The company focuses on digital social media platforms and direct interaction with consumers.


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