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What is this Good News?

Faith in God is a power which gives people life and allows them to be busy with their casual life. Faith in God gives power to live. There are a lot people who follow all God’s passages and live godly life. Jesus, God’s son, was transmitted to Earth to tell his Word to people, to announce a Good News. There were a lot of apostles who continued to proclaim this Good News to people. But still, there are people who either do not know what the Good News is about, or do not believe in it, and do not know how it can influence their lives.

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Faith is sacred. Believing in God, people make good activities and fulfill their lives with good spirit. We are going to discuss the following situation and give our confirmation about Good News existence. The situation is as follows, how Paul would answer the following question: “What is this Good News you’ve been proclaiming, how you know it is true, and what real difference should it make in the way I live my life?”

Good News is the event of great importance. St. Paul believes that Good News is the proclamation that the kingdom of God is going to be established on the Earth. What does it mean? It means that the Garden of Eden will be in every part of the earth, it means that all people will be happy. There is going to be no wars and conflicts, people will live eternally, their children and grandchildren will not suffer from diseases. What does health mean for you? Does it mean the fullness of life and the stable position in the society? Some people consider health as the main base of happiness.

Do you want to live happily? Do you want to live eternally? If yes, we should unite our attempts and to wait when the God’s kingdom will come on Earth. Shall we just sit and wait, doing nothing? No. We shall continue to live, maintaining our good actions and faith; we should bring our faith to others and pray for them.

People all over the world should become to lead righteous lives, and only in this case the kingdom of God will appear on the Earth. Coming out of it, we may come to the conclusion, that the behavior of every person, the faith of every person and thoughts and actions of every person play a major role. All people should be faithful. The destiny of the whole mankind is in the hands of separate people. Who knows, maybe the world waits only for you, for your faith in God.

Do you question the very existence of God? Do you question the true existence of the Good News existence? Your faith is too small. People who do not believe in God cannot understand what He is going to do. The Paradise on the Earth is not an empty sound. Try to believe; read for Jesus words and you will understand what the Good News means and you will believe, believe in God. Once God sent His son on the Earth and it was a Good News. Jesus told the whole world that there was going to be the doomsday, after which the earth will be “cleaned” from evil and sin and a kingdom of God will come.

There are a lot of people who question the truth that the kingdom of God will come. Think about what God tells us. He proclaims, you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, and you shall not steal. How do you think, if people will follow these requirements, will they be able to live happier? My answer is yes. God shows what people should believe in and what they will have in future. Paradise was on the Earth and it is the main confirmation that it will happen again.

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