Why We Buy a Product

Promotion of a certain product and its sales to consumers is one of the main activities of modern companies as they are interested in the constant increase in the revenue and generation of stable income. For this reason, the 4P’s of marketing become an effective paradigm that is utilized by the majority of firms to make a person buy a particular product (Kotler & Keller, 2015). The paper is devoted to the analysis of factors impacting the decision to buy a certain good using a package of Oreos as the background for the investigation and discussion.

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The main feature in this product that appeals to me and the target audience is the combination of price, quality, taste, and image. Today, it is presented by the company as a tasty and popular cookie that is loved by all people regardless of their age, gender, social status, and culture (“Oreo: A global taste of the world’s favorite cookie,” 2017). In such a way, the popularity of the product and its well-known name precondition the choice and make me buy, it preferred to other similar goods available in the market.

In such a way, the targeted audience of Oreo consists of people similar to me. Their age is not critical, however, it varies from young (about 15 years) to the middle (about 40 years), as they are affected by advertising and want to follow popular trends. They belong to the middle class with the average level of income and the buyer behavior that presupposes selection of known or popular brands regardless of additional information about their products and composition.

Correctly realizing the main peculiarities of this demographic group and its buyer behavior, marketers offer these products to me, emphasizing their popular character and taste that can be enjoyed. Moreover, Oreo is also promoted as a fast snack that can be eaten with milk to become nourished when a person lacks the free time or cannot prepare a meal at this very moment (“Oreo: A global taste of the world’s favorite cookie,” 2017). This strategy helps to increase sales and popularize the product among the target audience which is one of the major tasks of marketers.

Another important aspect that guarantees that Oreo will be preferred over similar products is the combination of its price, taste, and satisfaction received while consuming the cookie. It remains comparatively cheap and, at the same time, it can be considered as a tasty dessert that may be eaten with milk and satisfy a person. In such a way, this balance helps to preserve the popularity of the brand at a high level and make people buy it.

Nabisco, the company that makes this sandwich cookie, cooperates with multiple retail stores in various regions to ensure that people who belong to the targeted audience have an opportunity to buy the needed amount of this product and generate additional revenue. It is distributed through multiple marketing channels that presuppose the existence of many delivery schemes in more than 100 countries globally (“Oreo: A global taste of the world’s favorite cookie,” 2017). The company cooperates with shippers and popular brands such as Walmart to ensure that cookies are available to individuals.

The powerful advertising campaign is another element that guarantees the high popularity of Oreo and makes me buy this product. First of all, the company sponsors multiple events that attract public attention, which helps to create a recognizable image and familiarize people with its products (“Oreo: A global taste of the world’s favorite cookie,” 2017). Second, there is effective and frequent television advertising ensuring that people always hear about the name of the product and its unique taste that will meet their demands. This promotional activity makes me buy Oreo, which evidences its effectiveness.

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In such a way, affecting the target market, Nabisco considers the 4P’s model including such elements as product, price, promotion, place (Kotler & Keller, 2015). The cookie has the needed balance of taste and price which means that it appeals to customers. Moreover, its promotion campaign demonstrates its high effectiveness in attracting new individuals and popularizing Oreo in various countries. Finally, its availability and presence in the majority of retail stores contribute to increased sales and helps to remain topical regarding the target market.

Finally, another advantage of the discussed product is that Oreo does not face barriers associated with regulatory, social, or environmental forces. The company tries to promote its image as a socially responsible company that cares about communities and people it affects (“Oreo: A global taste of the world’s favorite cookie,” 2017). At the same time, the character of cookies does not presuppose any sanctions or limits for their sales. It helps to gradually increase the popularity of the product and achieve better results by entering new markets.

Altogether, the marketing strategy of Nabisco, the manufacturer of Oreo, can be considered an effective approach that helps to popularize the cookie and persuade people to buy it. The appropriate utilization of the 4P’s strategy that presupposes attention to the product, price, place, and promotion contributes to the creation of the well-known brand that combines a comparatively low price with a good taste and attracts people from various regions. All these factors make individuals, including me, buy this very product preferring it to similar ones.


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