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Wolf Motors Company Supply Chain Management


There is urgent need for Wolf Motors to restructure its supplier relationship process. To begin with, the management at Wolf Motors should strive to offer a large selection of automobile parts to customers. This implies that the automobile company should seek additional supplier sources for vehicle parts that are in high demand throughout the year. The company should make sure that all the necessary vehicle parts are fully in stock and availed to customers whenever required.

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Second, the required vehicle parts should only be sourced from manufacturers and dealers who sell high quality and certified products. Customers cherish quality services and as such, it is highly recommended for the company to relate with high-quality suppliers only. In addition, the suppliers department of the company should consider sourcing its suppliers from cheap sources so that customers can also benefit from reduced prices.

This does not rule out the fact that quality should be prioritized all the time. Better still, purchasing parts in bulk in order to reap the benefits of both trade and cash discounts can also assist in lowering the prices down for customers. The dealership network of Wolf Motors should indeed develop a long lasting and formidable relationship with reliable suppliers who can provide the right parts whenever needed.

Differences in purchasing policies and procedures

Each of the dealership networks at Wolf Motors has a unique sales inventory record to keep. Besides, the flow of customers and purchasing needs for service parts vary across the networks. The automobile shops are also different in the nature of their operations owing to the fact they cover different geographical regions with diverse needs of customers. These reasons attempt to explain why the purchasing polices and procedures should equally differ.

For example, the purchasing departments in each dealership network can only procure based on demand at any given time. Moreover, the available storage space for purchased parts should also be another factor to consider before ordering suppliers. Better still, financial resources available for making additional purchases is a crucial consideration in the purchasing policies and procedures.

Going against policy guidelines, systems and procedures of a company when it comes to purchases can be a major setback in the operations of the dealership networks. It is also vital to mention that the purchasing policies and guidelines should differ in each store depending on the update plan for company’s system.

Supply chain design

Efficient management of operations at Wolf Motors can be easily attained through the supply chain design. In particular, such a design can be instrumental for the company in monitoring and controlling demand for service parts alongside supporting procurement and other logistic operations in all the dealership networks of the company. Needless to say, corporate strategy can be swiftly aligned with supply chain design using a number of techniques and tools at the disposal of the management teams.

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Through the attributes of the supply chain design, Wolf Motors can be in a vantage position to compete effectively with other market rivals dealing with the same automobile products. For example, the ability to different the services and other products of the company with those offered by competitors is a major contribution of supply chain design.

Finally, consistency in regards to design outcomes, the management of quality for both parts and after-sales services, and the overall corporate strategy can be effectively streamlined through supply chain design. In any case, Wolf Motors can secure new product opportunities through a robust supply chain design.

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