Women and Their Decisions Regarding Childbearing


Modern western society is regarded as the perfect place for women who are free to live the lives of their dream. However, females’ lives are far from being perfect or pleasant. They have to make numerous choices that are often shaped by different factors, both internal and external. This presentation dwells upon a study that aims at addressing some of these factors.

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Research Topic and Research Problem

It has been acknowledged that females’ abandonment experiences and inadequateness often have adverse effects on their psychological, emotional, and even physical state (including the development of depression and anxiety). This study aims at exploring the influence of females’ inadequateness and abandonment (as well as fear of abandonment) on their major decisions concerning childbearing and companionship. The target population involves women aged between 21 and 55 as these females often have the necessary experience and are free to make such decisions.

Research Problem and Its Background

It is necessary to note that researchers have paid certain attention to such issues as females’ decisions concerning companionship and childbearing, as well as causes and effects of women’s inadequateness and abandonment. It is noteworthy that the major focus has been on the effects of inadequateness and abandonment. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to the link between these concepts. The four aspects of the female life mentioned are often seen separately with only occasional clusters and links.

For instance, Halford and Sweeper (2013) explore the way abandonment affects females’ psychological and emotional well-being. The researchers claim that abandonment is often associated with the development of depressive symptoms and anxiety.

Rutten et al. (2015) concentrate on the effects women’s inadequateness has on their psychological and emotional state, as well as their ability to develop relationships with other people (especially their partners). Shorey, Stuart, and Anderson (2014) focus on psychological issues (rather than the development of relationships with others) and state that female abusers often develop psychological disorders when experiencing inadequateness. Doron et al. (2012) also address psychological issues related to the female inadequateness and note that such women may develop compulsive disorders.

It is necessary to add that childbearing is quite marginal as limited attention is paid to this aspect especially when it comes to western countries. Adolescent childbearing is often in researchers’ lenses while adult women’s views in such countries as the USA are left with little attention. When this phenomenon is analyzed, it is often linked to social life rather than individual experiences. For example, Huijts, Kraaykamp, and Subramanian (2013) examine women’s views on childlessness in European countries.

The result is quite expected as women in countries with a significant degree of tolerance regarding the issue see childlessness less negatively compared to those living in countries where childlessness is stigmatized or seen as unacceptable. Therefore, this study will explore the effects of females’ inadequateness and abandonment, in particular, the impact these aspects have on their decisions concerning childbearing and companionship.

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Theoretical Foundations

To ensure the relevance and validity of the research, it is necessary to choose the appropriate theoretical foundations. Connelly (2014) emphasizes that the use of theories is not an academic requirement but a necessity as theories are regarded as tools. Researchers explore phenomena, and the use of similar tools ensures the effective debate in the academic world. The use of theories can also be seen as compliance with certain guidelines and standards. Finally, theories also define the perspective used when addressing phenomena and issues.

This study addresses several aspects that are related to two levels, individual and social. Therefore, it is but natural to use two theoretical frameworks. Attachment theory is employed when considering issues associated with inadequateness. For instance, Rutten et al. (2015) use the concept of attachments in adulthood and stress that it affects the degree of females’ autonomy(-connectedness). Doron et al. (2012) utilize the concept of attachment-related avoidance and anxiety. These are the ways people form their relationships with their partners. These concepts will be employed in the proposed study. Such aspects as inadequateness and abandonment, as well as perspectives on childbearing, are closely connected with the concepts mentioned above since they are all prevailing on the individual level.

Another theoretical paradigm to be used is related to the social aspect. Social learning theory provides insights into the way people’s behavior and choices are shaped by society. This theoretical framework is specifically applicable when it comes to making such choices as family formation, companionship, childbearing, and so on. The theoretical perspective will be the necessary foundation for exploring the way individual and social levels interact and affect females’ major decisions.

Ethical Considerations

When implementing academic research, it is vital to pay attention to ethical issues. As far as this study is concerned, it is necessary to note that vulnerable groups will not take part in the research. Adult females with no psychological disorders or addictions will be recruited to take part in the study. It is important to add that the issues in questions can be rather challenging as some females (for example, abandoned, single, childless) can be rather sensitive to such discussions.

Nonetheless, the researcher will explain the purpose and goals of the study stating that it may help women understand their selves, their place in the world, and ways to address the challenges of the modern world. Only females willing to participate will take part in the study, which will ensure transparency, confidentiality, and compliance with ethical codes.


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