Women Involvement in Telecommunication Industry

Aims of the Dissertation

My dissertation will aim at investigating the hypothesis that women involvement in telecommunication industry in Europe of Middle East is limited.

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This dissertation will endeavor to investigate and come up with concrete information on the above hypothesis. A hypothesis can only be regarded as a valid statement after investigations have been carried out either approving or refuting the claim. Alongside investigating this hypothesis, the dissertation will answer the following questions:

  • What are the professional requirements that a successful performer in the telecommunication industry in Middle East and Europe should possess?
  • What are the challenges facing telecommunication industry in Europe and Middle East?
  • Mechanisms that can be put in place to facilitate women in taking leadership roles in telecommunication


A successful data collection has to make use of suitable methodologies of data collection. In my bid to investigate the hypothesis and answer the research questions, I will read extensively the existing literature regarding the subject. However, valid data backing the research will have to be collected from the field. I will first conduct a pilot study that will give me a picture of how successful I will be when I employ methodologies such as questionnaires.


A successful and comprehensive dissertation is a result of a lot of input from the researcher (White, 2004). There are myriad of resources that a researcher should ensure are in place before the actual data collection begins. This necessitates a feasibility study to determine whether all the necessary resources for the research are available (White, 2003). At this point, I have identified the data sources that I would require during the research. Some of the data sources that I would use include books, journals, internet sources and field data. I have the access to all these resources so data collection will not present a challenge. I have also obtained consent from my firm that I will be given ample time to conduct my research. In light of the data to be collected from the field, I have carried out a trial with the prospective interviewees and they have responded quite impressively. This implies that field data collection will be done effectively.

How Your Work Fits Existing Published Work

Find about 10 sources of information (references) connected to the work you propose to do and analyze them as to how your work fills a gap or extends them. Compare and contrast them with each other and with your approach. Some (at least 5) must be academic publications, preferably from refereed Journals, which will be found in our online library. Citations from the main textbooks used for your modules are NOT sufficient here [Week 3 of RMT Class requires 3 – 5 academic articles.

Why You Are Doing This Topic

The first and most important thing that should be done before a researcher decides to research on a dissertation is to identify the topic (ESC, n.d). In most cases, a researcher would identify a topic of interest to him that has significance with regard to the expected results. Apart from the obvious reasons of doing research to earn academic credentials, conducting research on a particular topic is important in making changes to various sectors (Michael, 2011). I chose the topic of women as leaders in telecommunication industry in Europe and Middle East because they have been left behind in the industry. The research conducted during this dissertation will be important to my firm as it can be used to come up with strategies of increasing women participation in its telecommunication sector. Insights from the research may inspire other firms to take initiatives that will ensure that women participate fully in telecommunication sector as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe and Middle East.

Timing Mileposts

N.B. You must reach stage 8 at least four weeks before your deadline; a month contingency provision is also advisable to allow for slippages. This is to enable your DA to give you sufficient Feedback on your final draft.

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You should produce a final Proposal for submission to the FM for approval (as agreed with your DA) in between one and two months from your classroom date. However, please aim for 7 weeks from your start date (class date) at the latest, to ensure time for any necessary revisions and final approval by the 8 week cut-off.



Due date


1 Stage 1: Area of interest identified
2 Stage 2: Specific topic selected
3 Stage 3: Topic refined to develop dissertation proposal
4 Stage 4: Proposal written and submitted
5 Stage 5: Collection of data and information
6 Stage 6: Analysis and interpretation of collected data/information
7 Stage 7: Writing up
8 Stage 8: Final draft prepared – submission of dissertation
9 Final Deadline – nine months from classroom date.


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