Jobs in Season 5, Episode 3 of “Undercover Boss”

General Information

Donatos Pizza is a family company that Jim Grote founded in 1963. It specializes in the preparation and supply of pizza. The company makes close to $ 170 million in one year. Jane Grote is the chairperson of the company. She has a staff of five thousand employees. The assistant manager and the delivery driver are among the most important positions in this company. The two positions are different because the assistant manager has supervisory duties, which the driver does not have.

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Data Collection

I gathered the information for their job analyses from the interviews and one-on-one conversations in the movie. Jane Grote, the chairwoman of the company, reveals most of this information during her interviews. She reveals the salaries she pays the employees and their job descriptions. The movie producer also interviews the employees about their jobs and what they feel about Cathy’s performance. One-on-one discussions between Cathy and her tutors also reveal the responsibilities of each position. Buffy explains her responsibilities to Cathy to orient her into her new job. Aaron also explains his duties and even demonstrates how Cathy should run when taking the pizzas to the customers.

Job Summary

Assistant Manager

Salary considerations

The company pays the assistant managers $ 20, 000

  • $ 5000 as house allowance
  • Caters for their medical expenses

Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintaining the scales
  • Regulating the quality of the pizza
  • Covering the pizza
  • Checking the orders
  • Taking order statistics
  • Training interns
  • Performing any other duty the general manager assigns her
  • Supervising the junior staffs

Zone Definition Factors

General knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • The assistant manager must be very eloquent
  • Computer operation
  • Observation skills-they need to observe the trend in the inflow of orders
  • Data analysis-they must analyze the data in the list of orders and identify the most preferred items
  • Pedagogy skills-these skills are crucial in training interns
  • Supervisory skills for overseeing the performance of the junior staffs
  • Problem solving-they should be able to solve conflicts among the junior employees
  • Decision-making-they should be able to make decisions regarding the amount of pizza to prepare depending on the number of orders

Problem Solving/Decision Making

They are in charge of all the junior staff under them. Therefore, they are responsible for the implementation of all managerial decisions and problem-solving. They should always consult the general manager before making important decisions (Emmenegger, 2011).


Their duties are very involving. They rarely find time to interact with other employees. Nevertheless, they should always find time to interact with the junior staff and even supervise their duties.

Nature of supervision

  • Ensuring that the scales are working properly
  • Ensuring that all the staffs do their duties within certain time frames


  • The assistant manager determines when to increase or decrease the number of certain types of pizza
  • The assistant manager also ensures that all the measurements are consistent: all the categories of pizza must weigh the same.
  • The assistant manager reduces time wastage in the company by monitoring the performance of all the other employees.
  • The assistant manager also helps in maintaining co-existence by solving all the emerging problems among the employees.

Minimum qualifications

  • A high school diploma with a minimum of C
  • A college diploma in hotel management
  • A minimum of three years’ experience working as a manager in the food industry
  • Eloquence in English and at least one foreign language
  • Etiquette and good grooming

Physical Requirements

  • The ability to work for more than eight hours
  • Must be free from any communicable disease

Delivery Driver

Their main job is delivering pizzas for the customers.

Salary considerations

The company pays each driver $ 10, 000, and caters for their medical cover.

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Duties and responsibilities

  • Taking the orders to the customers’ homes
  • Orienting interns
  • Any other responsibility the assistant manager assigns them

General knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Eloquence
  • Driving

Interactions: They must be courteous and respectful in their interactions with the customers.

Nature of supervision: The assistant manager checks the number of orders they deliver to the customers per day.


  • They ensure customer satisfaction by delivering their orders.
  • They portray the image of the company to the people they interact with in the field.

Minimum qualifications

  • A high school diploma
  • A certified driving license
  • Respect
  • Eloquence

Physical requirements

  • Must be eighteen years and above
  • They should not have any communicable disease

Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

The job descriptions comply with the requirements of the federal and state regulations since the employees earn more than the minimum wage, and the company pays them for extra hours (Fine & Cronshaw, 1999). The lowest-paid personnel is the delivery drivers. They earn $ 10, 000. This amount is more than $ 40 per hour, yet the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The company allows the two employees to work for some extra hours but gives them overtime allowances (Bernhardt, Spiller & Polson, 2013).

Besides, Jane is very furious when she discovers that, Aaron, the delivery driver has been driving under the influence of bang. When she re-assumes her position as the chairwoman of the company, she gives him a month’s suspension. She asks him to take a drug test after the suspension before resuming his duties. Suspending Aaron reminds him that his job description requires him to abide by the law when performing his duties.


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Emmenegger, P. (2011). Job security regulations in Western democracies: A fuzzy set analysis. European Journal of Political Research, 50(3), 336-364.

Fine, S., & Cronshaw, S. (1999). Functional job analysis (1st Ed.). Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum Associates.

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