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Woolf’s vs. Brady’s Feminist Articles Comparison

Over the past few centuries, there has been much debate about the role of women in society. Miscellaneous dictionaries developed different definitions of the phenomenon, but the most common describes feminism as equality of sexes in politics, economics, and the social arena. Such prominent figures as Virginia Woolf and Judy Brady have made the most significant contribution to the development of this movement by publicly speaking on the matter. Hence, it is vital to investigate which women appealed more to the audience.

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First, Virginia Woolf wrote an essay named Professions for Women with an urge to transmit the message of particular importance and encourage men to understand women. In her writing, the novelist describes how a writer’s profession was ‘harmless’ and demanded fewer expenses for females in comparison with other occupations. Struggling to accept herself as a professional, the main character needs to destroy “The Angel in the House,” the idea of a woman created by the oppressive Victorian society. Woolf claims that women entering male-dominated jobs should choose them without adapting to the neglect of the community.

Using vivid literary devices illustrating the gender-based battle, the authoress calls women to action to promote female employment. She ardently motivates women to resist suppressive ideas, which makes her essay influential and urging for the reader. It is incredible how Virginia Woolf emphasized the ladies’ ability to strive regardless of the obstacles imposed by societal rules (Woolf). Her excessive use of metaphors reaches out the reader’s mind and inspires them to imagine women as professionals that can excel in any discipline. Another feature of Wolfe’s writing is the extensive use of rhetorical questions and parallelism, which emphasize the importance of making marks in the profession once a woman has chosen it (Woolf). In general, this essay’s vigorous tone empowers people to accept the female sex as the worth of doing any job.

I Want a Wife is an essay written by Judy Brady that describes the disparity between a woman’s role and that of a wife. By proclaiming herself as a wife and a mother, Brady establishes the tone of the article: she stands for women who have ever experienced these two roles (Brady). Throughout her writing, the author uses explicit situational irony to highlight unrealistic expectations men hold about women: she lists multiple exaggerated male desires for a wife. The qualities Brady enumerated rank from the regular to the ridiculous ones.

The authors aimed to raise awareness among women who do not feel liberated enough to live full lives. Having authority, Brady demonstrates the importance of freeing those ladies under the influence of their husbands, who demand the impossible from them (Brady. Unlike Woolf, Brady uses satire which hyperbolizes women’s abilities. This technique creates a cynical tone that may not quite appeal to the audience since it does not urge support for women in a direct manner.

In conclusion, it is indispensable to mention that feminist movements have significantly expanded the scope of activities and roles women can obtain. Both Virginia Woolf and Judy Brady’s writing impacted females striving to achieve goals. Yet, Woolf’s essay is more impactful since her tone is more persuasive and straightforward, while Brady’s use of satire may somewhat not be apparent to the reader. Thus, Professions for Women may seem more encouraging to the audience than I Want a Wife.

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