Written Communication: Reading Commentary

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Writing is an integral practice of official communication at various levels of the organization. Although writing may seem to an ordinary person like a simple event of just typing words on a piece of paper, to the writer it is a tedious process of collecting material, synthesizing, organizing, and producing information coherently and sensibly to the reader. According to Angouri, research studies conducted in many companies have shown that employees spent about a third of their time on writing, but at the end of the day, they receive dissatisfaction from their bosses yet it is a tedious process. Similarly, scientific researchers in laboratories are grappling with the process of producing valid information for the reader to understand. Therefore, I do agree that writing is a complex process, which is tedious to the writer and further demands thorough understanding to pass the required information and satisfy the readers.

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To overcome the immense challenges associated with writing especially in an exigent environment like a laboratory, a notebook is an essential resource. Laboratory notebooks come in handy when collecting, organizing, and processing materials into coherent information for the reader to understand. Without a notebook, it would be a daunting task to prepare a piece of writing because it relieves the mind from over clouding with information. I concur with Wickman that notebooks construct scientific information and therefore, very essential during the process of documenting scientific findings. Moreover, I also agree that notebooks enable scientists to collect diverse information in exigent environments and integrate them into a piece of writing that readers can understand, hence effective communication. Due to the exigent circumstances that scientists work, how can they be indiscriminative in the way they present their findings? Besides, are there other resources that scientists can use apart from notebooks?

Since written communication is an integral component of official communication within and between companies, the diversity of writing skills and styles complicates effective communication. Written communication between various departments in a company is quite different and further differences emerge when communication is between different companies. Angouri asserts that writing is not a homogeneous entity for there are various levels of written communication, which need consideration in teaching and workplace to avoid unnecessary confusion or otherwise, effective communication would not be possible. I do agree that due to the diversity of the writing styles and skills, specialization in writing tailored to a certain working environment would enhance effective written communication within and between companies. Therefore, how can companies enhance written communication within and between companies?

What are the guidelines for the standard written communication?

Even though written communication is a complex process, it is surprising how search engine specialists can write many complex reports within ten days. According to Spinuzzi, specialists manage to write many complex reports because they use automated standing transformations, which enhance writing, activity, and genre research in their organization. I do support that for effective communication within and between companies, writing, activity, and genre research automation would promote learning and exigent written communication. In this case, how can the companies employ automated standing transformations? What kind of skills and expertise are necessary for search engine specialists?

Standard and customized written communication are necessary for effective communication within and between companies. Differing skills and styles of writing documents do not only complicate the process of communication but also confuse the writer. I perceive that it is irrational to discredit the work of a writer whereas there is no standardization and customization of writing styles and skills. Moreover, the work of the scientists requires recognition, for they are not only researchers but also writers who strive to present their findings coherently for the benefit of diverse readers. I realize that scientists employ varied techniques and make numerous considerations as they process their findings for the sake of the reader to understand.


Angouri, J., & Harwood, N. (2008). undefined. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 22(1), 38-64. Web.

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