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Yalla Momos Restaurant Business Plan in Dubai


The catering industry is a profitable and successful platform for starting a business if the strategy is thought out in advance and the terms of the business plan correspond to the current market opportunities. As an analysis of such a venture, the Yalla Momos restaurant for expatriates in Dubai will be analyzed. The activities of its owners, the Goals brothers, are successful, and their establishment is in good demand among clients. Nevertheless, some challenges periodically arose at the stage of brand promotion and popularization of the restaurant’s products among consumers. Analyzing these issues and applying appropriate marketing concepts can help to highlight key problems and eliminate the repetition of mistakes in the future.

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Issues Description

One of the questions that the brothers faced during the opening of their restaurant was the following: did such a challenge as increased competition influence the venture’s success? This issue is relevant even today when the Yalla Momos restaurant has already gained wide popularity and has the right to be called one of the most popular establishments for expatriates in Dubai.

Another issue that deserves particular attention is the following one: does the promotion of the restaurant’s brand in social networks is needed? Even though the owners made appropriate conclusions and started using the Internet as a marketing platform, they did it late. Consequently, fewer clients could know about Yalla Momos, and the brothers lost some potential profit.

Issues Analysis Through Marketing Concepts

To assess the complexity of the restaurant under consideration, it is possible to use appropriate marketing strategies that could be relevant to solve the described issues. The restaurant deserves high praise among visitors; nevertheless, to improve the quality of work, specific concepts can be analyzed to create a more effective financial plan than now. Following these concepts can be beneficial to the owners.

Competitive Environment

One of the techniques is the concept of a competitive environment. Because Yalla Momos continues to compete with other catering establishments, it is necessary to analyze its activities in three directions – consumers, costs, as well as the level of the competition itself. This strategy implies constant searching for new ways to win customer interest since any market has the property to periodically be filled with similar products and services.

According to the marketing analysis of the market, people chose in favor of healthy dishes that did not have any artificial preservatives and additives. Even though the Goals brothers initially focused on a healthy diet and cooked exclusively fresh dishes for people from Eastern countries, many companies used this move to attract customers. Accordingly, the competition was and still is one of the problems of Yalla Momos. Therefore, the identification of the activities boundaries should have been made taking into account this concept, and it is possible that Yalla Momos would have received consumer recognition faster.

Sales Promotion

To fully utilize all the available possibilities of the market, the concept of sales promotion can be considered. After a significant period after the opening, the Goals brothers found that the prevailing number of teens photographed food in their establishment, and then specific were measures taken to attract clients through social networks. Time was lost, and the profit was missed. Too late introduction of modern technologies and advertising through social networks is the misuse of existing opportunities.

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Sales promotion would have helped to shape a commitment to the Yalla Momos brand and to receive some commercial benefit. If more people had known about Yalla Momos, the restaurant’s profits would have substantially increased, and the brand would have been recognized not only in the UAE but also outside the country. Moreover, the use of all the opportunities for promotion would have contributed to attracting all segments of the population without exception since such social factors as gender, age, etc., are usually also taken into account when planning sales. Therefore, necessary marketing measures could have helped the Goals brothers even more quickly turn their restaurant into a popular and respected place.

Recommendations for the Development

As a recommendation for the restaurant owners, paying attention to modern ways of promoting their brand and not neglecting marketing steps can be recommended. In addition to social networks, it is possible to pay attention to other media whereas many people as possible can be told about Yalla Momos. Such a measure can help find new clients and additional sources of financial profit.

Also, it will not be superfluous to improve competitive sustainability by expanding the client base. The restaurant’s focus solely on expatriates significantly narrows the circle of guests. In the future, it is possible to try to work for other customers to meet the needs of not just one but different groups of the population. It, in its turn, will also bring profit and will help to expand the business of the Goals brothers.


Thus, the analysis of the Yalla Momos restaurant’s issues, as well as the evaluation of possible interventions using the right marketing strategies, can help the owners to solve some problems. Some recommendations regarding changes to the restaurant’s policy, in particular, promotion features can be offered. Increased sustainability by strengthening market positions is required.

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