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Zulu Community and Its Social Responsibilities


To begin with, it is important to establish that the community’s main economic activity is hunting. People from the Zulu community are mainly hunters and gatherers. The main avenue where the community interacts is during social actives which are highly valued. The Zulus conduct festivals throughout the year and have a culture of brewing beer.

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Every individual, business entity, or organization has a responsibility to act or have activities that benefit society as a whole. Social responsibility includes the activities that are carried out for the benefit of the community. Such activities include garbage control, measures to control environmental and noise pollution, to mention but a few. This research is done to evaluate the Zulu community in South Africa and establish how social responsibilities affect this community.

Type of people in the community

The community’s population is mainly of local unemployed members who are financially unstable and also academically un-empowered (South African History Online, 2012). Setting up a business entity around the community’s territory requires the management to uphold a sense of social responsibility. First of all, owing to the financial challenges that the community faces, the most reasonable social responsibility that a company has is to have the members of the Zulu community secure jobs in the company.

It would be so insensitive for an organization to set up in the Zulu community and yet import labor from elsewhere. Other ways of showing goodwill and to gain the confidence of the surrounding community would be offering financial support for infrastructural developments and projects. Developing infrastructure in the area would be a perfect investment that will benefit the entire community, including the company itself.

Community’s responsibility

The community, on the other hand, has a responsibility to loyally abide by the spirit of working together for the greater good of both parties. The community should respect the company’s policies and support it by promoting and consuming its products. Security is a threat to every business, and the community is responsible for the surrounding organization by showing goodwill and protecting the company against robberies and other perils.

With the support of the community, the organization will be able to thrive due to the mutual benefits achieved by the two parties. The essence of being socially responsible is protecting both the interests of the community as well as that of the organization.

Organization’s social responsibility

Being a hunting community, the organization is responsible to ensure that they protect the wild life. (South African History Online, 2012) Any activity that compromises the well being of the wild life would most probably be met with an overwhelming opposition from the community. Tree planting and conserving the natural habitation is a responsibility the organization has to take. Keeping the environment clean is also the organization’s social responsibility. Most companies will always have waste products from their activities.

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The best way to show responsibility is to ensure the company effects an effective dumping policy to get rid of the waste in ways that will not compromise the community’s health. Carbon emissions are a long-term pollution but also have more severe repercussions.


The Zulu community is an illiterate population (South African History Online, 2012). There are no schools and the members of the community are uninformed. The organization should invest on supporting locals to secure an education and sponsor them. This would raise the locals’ probability to secure better jobs in the company and improve locals’ confidence with the organization.


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