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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Responsibility

  1. Advertising to Children and Social Responsibility
    Advertising is a device by which “artificial” tastes are created. Advertising is one of numerous elements that influence a consumer’s spending decisions.
  2. Healthy Living Social Responsibility in Coca-Cola
    The essay looks into the ethics and social responsibility structure of Coca-Cola, especially its active and healthy living social responsibility angle.
  3. Concept and Role of Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper would go to analyse the business ethics, corporate social responsibility and employee behavior in different countries.
  4. Marketing: Social Responsibility and the Law
    The deodorant was bought from a South American company at an obviously lower value than the economic value of the deodorant.
  5. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: When Corporate Values Must Be Upgraded a Few Notches
    Even though the principles of ethical behavior in business have been in use for quite a while, there are still debates concerning the definition of the term.
  6. PeopleWater Company and Corporate Social Responsibility
    PeopleWater is one of the companies that have already adopted the foundational global standards and use Corporate Social Responsibility as a source of inspiration and improvement.
  7. Utilitarianism and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Utilitarianism can be applied in the corporate world. Corporations are entities created to please shareholders.
  8. Ethical Aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate social responsibility is a company’s awareness of its impact on society and reducing negative effects. It includes legal, economic, ethical and philanthropic components.
  9. Walmart Stores’ Corporate Social Responsibility
    The paper discusses how Wal-Mart Stores invested in and assessed its corporate social responsibility and what assessment they used to measure the effectiveness of their programs.
  10. Walmart Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion
    Wal-Mart’s motto emphasises on the customers’ needs. So it has been the focus of modern media’s attention as the promoter of global responsibility.
  11. A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility
    In order to improve the stakeholder relationship, as well as the overall management of the organization, one will have to consider the integration of the basic principles of CSR.
  12. Walt Disney Company Corporate Social Responsibility Plan
    The Walt Disney company’s vision is to ensure that its corporate social responsibility accommodates different viewpoints and interests on the part of its shareholders, employees, business partners, associates, guests.
  13. Apple Corporation Ethical and Social Responsibility
    The report aims at finding out whether practicing strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility has an impact on the operations of Apple.
  14. Corporate Social Responsibility in Thai Listed Companies
    The general objective of this study was to evaluate the perception of employees towards Thai listed companies by undertaking a critical evaluation of a cross-section of the companies.
  15. Corporate Social Responsibility: Triple Bottom Line Approach
    Corporate social responsibility alone does not bring about the desired outcomes. The triple bottom line helps ensure transparency and accountability for corporations with global outreach.
  16. Techno Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    Using Techno Company as a case study, the discussion in this paper will show that CSR is just another form of PR for companies that wish to get an edge on their competitors.
  17. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom
    The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has lately become common within regional businesses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also the media circles.
  18. Defining Corporate Social Responsibility: Vision and Values
    The corporate social responsibility, which the promotion and enhancement of the company’s vision and values leads to, can be viewed as a major building block for the design.
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept and Theories
    Corporate Social Responsibility emerges whereby self-regulation is incorporated into the business model. Business engages in CSR to enhance its accountability to stakeholders.
  20. Social Responsibility of Management
    The application of the moral code takes the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is the application of internal self-regulating practices by a business.
  21. Daimler Chrysler Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    Daimler Chrysler AG is a German car corporation that is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry in the world. The automobile industry interested in corporate social responsibility.
  22. Corporate Social Responsibility Concept Definition
    Corporate social responsibility can be defined as something meant to divert people’s attention from the process of transnational corporations to take over political power.
  23. Zulu Community and Its Social Responsibilities
    This research is done to evaluate the Zulu community in South Africa and establish how social responsibilities affect this community.
  24. Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept and Definition
    Companies in the contemporary world have embraced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. The definition of CSR also differs from sector to sector.
  25. Corporate Social Responsibility for Supply Chain Management
    In this paper, the focus will be made on CSR issues and practices linked to supply chain management. Supply chain management supports both informational and physical flows within the firm.
  26. National Australia Bank: Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper explores corporate social responsibility through an analysis of a company selected from the database of the world’s most ethical companies.
  27. Social Responsibility Attitude and Business Ethics
    The paper evaluates Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility, before recommending some actions that the company could take to improve its attitude.
  28. Islamic and Western Corporate Social Responsibility
    Islamic and conventional corporate social responsibilities are similar in humanitarian services but different the reason for implementation.
  29. Host Europe Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    Major CSR issues of Host Europe include underrepresentation of female employees, insufficient staff awareness of green practices, and inefficient energy consumption.
  30. SOCAR Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    This term paper gives a detailed analysis of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and the effectiveness of its CSR strategies.

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  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Finance
    The modern business world can be characterized by a considerable focus on corporate social responsibility. This paper deals with the ways financial companies use to be corporate citizens.
  2. Gender-Based Social Responsibilities and Structure
    Many sociologists downplay the importance of biological determinants within the context of how people address their gender-based social responsibilities.
  3. Workforce Activities and Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper examines how the notion of workforce activities can be supported using efficient leadership strategies.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance
    This paper discusses the role of corporate social responsibility in the corporate world and its implications for a company’s financial performance.
  5. Saudi Commerical Banks’ Corporate Social Responsibility
    In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has increased the awareness of corporate social responsibility tremendously, giving it a broad understanding.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility and Work Ethics
    It has always been the general belief in the corporate world that managers “primarily have a duty to maximize shareholder returns”.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility or Triple Bottom Line?
    The beginning of the 21st century has been thus far marked by a rapid and wide spread of the social justice and environmental sustainability movements.
  8. Social Responsibility in Strategic Plan Development
    Businesses in the energy sector have the role of conducting their businesses ethically as they play a vital role in the world’s economic, social, and political development.
  9. Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
    Corporate social responsibility is a relevant initiative towards promoting new social actions. The chapter explains why corporate culture supports the business goals of many organizations.
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the best practices. This chapter identifies CSR as “a corporation’s duty to create its wealth using methods that enhance social welfare”.
  11. Best Buy Co.’s Corporate Social Responsibilities
    Best-Buy is a multinational consumer electronic goods seller. This paper analyzes the corporate social responsibilities that the company has enacted.
  12. Climate Change and Social Responsibility in the UAE
    The UAE is rapidly developing for several decades already, which has a positive influence on the well-being of the population.
  13. Social Responsibility: Starbucks, New Belgium Brewing and CVS
    The commitment to social responsibility manifests itself in the attitude to employees, partners, and natural resources.
  14. Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper examines the two opposing perspectives of CSR, one arguing that it implies improving the society and environment, and the other, which suggests that profits are the main focus.
  15. Role of Social Responsibility Among Customers
    Social responsibility is the reasonable and high-quality production of the goods or provision of the services.
  16. Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics
    Ethical and legal compliance of organizations are inseparable, and they provide significant advantages for businesses.
  17. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organizations
    Social responsibility and ethics are the integral components of organizational performance; they play a relevant part in developing a company’s strategic plan.
  18. Y Health and Wellness Studio: Technology Plan, Management, and Social Responsibility
    Y Health and Wellness Studio business has integrated software and hardware technological devices to support its service delivery to its clients, who are young children.
  19. Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The topic chosen for this research is globalization and corporate social responsibility because it is a unique and novel concept for transnational businesses.
  20. Profit Maximization Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    The duty of company’s management is to improve the financial welfare of the shareholders of the company by maximum profits provided it is under the law.
  21. Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism Sector
    This paper looks at altering definitions of corporate social responsibility and the emergence of codes of ethics and their function in delivering those responsibilities.
  22. Nintendo Financial Statements and Corporate Social Responsibility
    This report takes two interactive software as a section of social responsibility and describes corporate social responsibility.
  23. Components and Strategies of Implementing Social Responsibility
    This paper examines the various components and strategies of implementing social responsibility within an organization and how their interaction can bring about change in society.
  24. Social Responsibility: Term Definition
    Social responsibility is about how business aligns their values and behavior with the expectations and needs of stakeholders and not just customers and investors but also employees.
  25. Social Responsibility in Toyota
    Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as corporate citizenship, results from business organizations considering society’s interest and taking responsibility for all the impacts.
  26. Corporate Social Responsibilities of a Company In India
    This report contains the major corporate social responsibility and environmental issues that the company will encounter when it relocates to India, a developing country.
  27. Lack of Humanistic Perspective and Social Responsibility
    Most of the reporting of accidents done in print and television-based mass communication mediums is impersonal and does not hold regard for the loss of human life.
  28. ABC Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    It is the purpose of this memo to address some of the common issues regarding CSR and to make a case for the adoption of a CSR program within ABC Corporation.
  29. Enron’s Example of Corporate Social Responsibility
    The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the role that business organizations have towards creating a healthy and a prosperous surrounding – community/environment.
  30. Google: Organisation’s Strategy Social Responsibility
    This essay will be going to discuss the five strategies of Google and argue how these strategies approach to its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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  1. MBA Dissertation Proposal: Consumer Awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility
    This dissertation aims to measure the level of consumers` awareness about CSR (corporate social responsibility) in such countries as the United Kingdom and Qatar.
  2. Planning and Implementing of Corporate Social Responsibility
    For a stable and a successful running of a business organization, planning and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility program is quite crucial.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Response
    The study seeks to explore whether there is a need for an organization to establish a working relationship with the immediate society, people’s attitudes towards the initiative.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility for Development Through Sport
    The research was conducted to address the paucity apparent in the evaluation of CSR. The results could avail vital information on how development was realized from CSR and sports.
  5. Marks & Spencer Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper discusses the corporate social responsibilities as adopted at Marks and Spence; the order will focus on two main strategic issues as far as CSR is concerned
  6. Apple’s Reputation Regarding Ethical and Social Responsibility
    Legal experts may argue that Apple has no direct responsibility for their suppliers’ possible ethical misconduct and non-compliance.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility: Profit for Companies
    Social responsibility might be a key term in defining the profitability level of an organization, some say, though the experts view the issue differently.
  8. What can Managers do to Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility?
    The modern problem managers should solve in corporate social responsibility is the neglect of societies by the business organizations.
  9. The BMW Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility
    The goal of the present paper is to examine the BMW Group’s corporate social responsibility policy and analyze its vital role in the company’s business strategy.
  10. Universalism Versus Relativism in Corporate Social Responsibility
    Universalism and relativism describe the two mutually contradicting moral perspectives that arise in connection with cultural issues.
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh’s Banking Sector
    CSR practices by banks in Bangladesh not only enhance their accountability but also boost their success and influence the socially responsible behaviors of other firms.
  12. Should Companies Engage Corporate Social Responsibility?
    Despite its possible inconveniences, the companies should engage in CSR as soon as possible since the impact they have on the whole world is enormous.
  13. The Concept of Company’s Social Responsibility
    ENMAX’s corporate responsibility statement indicates that it seeks to be the best in all its operations and supply energy which the Albertans will be utilizing in future.
  14. Social Responsibility. Help Neighbor. Example
    Nowadays, people are too busy working and maintaining their social life that they do not have enough time to dedicate to their loved ones.
  15. Social Responsibility: Underserved Health Care Reform
    People with severe medical conditions often cannot afford therapy or even necessary medications due to their high costs and rising population rising unemployment rates.
  16. Social Responsibility and Ethics
    The first regulations to control corporations were established by the Roosevelt Government in the 1930s following a market collapse and bank failures.
  17. On the Social Responsibility of Corporations to Society
    The task of this paper is to explain whether the corporation should have legal and ethical obligations to society and compare Friedman’s critique of the topic with Glasbeek’s one.
  18. Historical Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility
    This paper conducts a historical analysis of corporate social responsibility, its relevance in modern society, and approaches different entities use in its implementation.
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility: Concept Overview
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that emphasizes businesses’ obligation to be socially responsible and to give back to the community.
  20. Advertising to Children & Social Responsibility
    In recent years, the main problem highlighted by many critics is the lack of social responsibility issues and unfair practices used by advertising towards children.
  21. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Ladbrokes
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been anecdotally considered to provide organizational performance advantages in the contemporary market.
  22. Corporate Social Responsibility in Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca
    This paper aims to compare Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca regarding their approaches to corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting.
  23. Starbucks’ Social Responsibility and Brand Strategy
    The paper argues alignment of the company’s strategy with the core principles of business ethics allowed Starbucks to successfully overcome the crisis and achieve stable growth.
  24. Silo Busting: Making the Most of Corporate Social Responsibility
    A customer-centered culture creates solutions that cater to their needs. A company that employs this approach must study and understand its market.
  25. Stakeholder Model of Corporate Social Responsibility
    The stakeholder model of corporate social responsibility implies that managers are responsible for corporate decisions since they influence various stakeholders.
  26. Corporate Social Responsibility of Starbucks
    Starbucks could simplify its criteria to expand its coverage to a higher number of people. It can offer education on their ecologically advantageous practices.
  27. Social Responsibility in Business
    A company, which follows CSR, attracts more candidates willing to work for it. A significant way businesses can improve their reputation is via the ethical treatment of workers.
  28. Business Ethics Towards Corporate Social Responsibility
    Ethical decision-making is essential in the workplaces to ensure the regulation of conflicts and uncertainty from competing values, including organizational and societal values.

❓ Essay Questions on Social Responsibility

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  1. Can Corporate Social Responsibility Promote Employees Taking Charge?
  2. What Are Examples of Social Responsibility?
  3. Can Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce Firms Idiosyncratic Risk?
  4. How and When Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Employees’ Organizational Identification?
  5. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Firms’ Performance?
  6. What Are the Four Types of Social Responsibility?
  7. Why Is Social Responsibility So Important?
  8. What Are the Four Main Benefits of Social Responsibility?
  9. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to Strengthen Brand Equity
  10. How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Affect Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavior?
  11. What Is the Social Responsibility of a Country?
  12. What Are Three Examples of a Companies Social Responsibility?
  13. Which Countries Have Corporate Social Responsibility?
  14. How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contribute to Firm Financial Performance?
  15. How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Create Customer Loyalty?
  16. What Is the Vision of Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe?
  17. What Is the Future of Corporate Social Responsibility?
  18. What Are the Social Responsibility Issues in Today’s World?
  19. Why Corporate Social Responsibility Is Increasing?
  20. What Are the Main Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility for Businesses in Today’s Market?
  21. How Should Civil Society and the Government Respond to “Corporate Social Responsibility”?
  22. What Are Luxury Brands Doing About Social Responsibility?
  23. Should the Voluntary Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility Be Replaced?
  24. Why and How Does Social Responsibility Differ Among SMEs?
  25. Why Do Banks Undertake Corporate Social Responsibility?
  26. Why Do Firms Perform Differently in Corporate Social Responsibility?
  27. What Are the Three Concepts of Social Responsibility?
  28. Is Corporate Social Responsibility Relevant Today?
  29. What Is the Barriers to Social Responsibility?
  30. What Is Social Responsibility in School?
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