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3M Company’s Cloud Solution Implementation

It should be noted that a Cloud solution is a convenient and multifunctional tool that both companies and individuals can use in their daily activities. This concept allows having all the applications and data on a remote server on the Internet. Thus, this software is a service that makes it possible to use a convenient interface for remote access to selected resources via the Internet or over a local network. With the help of a Cloud solution, anybody can access computing resources, programs, data, and so on from any location (Qumer Gill, 2015). In this case, computers and other devices serve as a terminal, and the load between them is distributed automatically. The purpose of this paper is to review the problem faced by 3M and the way Cloud solution assisted them in resolving it.

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According to the case study, 3M is a big enterprise that has multiple divisions and Cloud solution has helped it to meet its business needs (“3M speeds mobile-app development,” 2014). To be more precise, the company was engaged in offering innovative technology solutions and wanted to track its assets in one of the segments but did not possess the tools to do it. 3M had concerns over the security and management in this division and required its workforce to develop an app to meet this evolving requirement (“3M speeds mobile-app development,” 2014). The team had to develop a corresponding application in two days.


To complete the task, it has been decided to use “Microsoft Azure Mobile Services with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Xamarin development platform to rapidly create a tracking app that syncs with the cloud and runs on multiple mobile devices” (“3M speeds mobile-app development,” 2014, para. 1). It enabled the company’s employees to have access to the files, programs, and data from a variety of different spots using not only regular computers but also any types of mobile devices. The company had a team that was engaged in gathering information from a special app about the location of clients and the precise dates when those have set the company’s programs. It was believed that Microsoft Azure platform would be the best choice to meet 3M’s needs.

Microsoft tool turned out to be a scalable and secure solution that would enable the enterprise to gain the required control over the division (“3M speeds mobile-app development,” 2014). With the help of it, the company has been able to create the necessary app, which could be operated on different kinds of devices. At present, 3M is able to satisfy customer needs better by offering the growing businesses rapid and secure technological solutions. They can gather real-time information from any mobile device and store it conveniently without fearing that the data can leak. The tool uses GPS to provide customers with location-specific data (“3M speeds mobile-app development,” 2014). In addition, the solution helps companies ensure they stay connected with all their departments and divisions, and their employees are equipped to complete their corporate objectives.


Thus, it can be concluded that the Cloud solution Microsoft Azure allowed 3M to solve their problem within the shortest deadline. This open and flexible platform made it possible to create and implement an application that could be managed in Microsoft’s global data center network (Qumer Gill, 2015). It allowed expanding the capabilities of the infrastructure due to the unlimited resources of the Cloud.


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Qumer Gill, A. (2015). Adaptive Cloud enterprise architecture. Singapore, Malaysia: World Scientific.

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