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A Letter to My Future Child

Writing a letter is one of the hardest things ever because you hardly know how to begin writing and make it sound reasonable. Against all the odds, I will try to let you know how I feel in this letter so that you could read this letter when you will see all the wonderful things that the world around you can offer. One thing I can tell you right away, I was never that one exceptionally perfect kid who would always be praised for his academic success or a textbook attitude. I have been fantasizing about the first time I am going to take you in my arms. I am sure the world around me is going to skip a beat just like my heart because my life will change forever. Every sleepless night is going to be worth it because I know I will make sure you become a great human.

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It may be hard growing up thinking that you know everything about life when in reality, even your parents cannot read minds or tell the future. This is why you should always take one step at a time and pay little to no reason when making important decisions. The older we grow, the more sentimental we become, but it does not excuse impulsiveness. I know there will be moments in your life when you are going to question your worldviews because of what I said above. Still, you should not be afraid to make decisions and move forward, just do not rush them, and everything will come to you. I know you will be special because I think of you as a future explorer and innovator. My most important advice is never to stop discovering the unusual in all the seemingly mundane things around you.

I know this sounds audacious, but I know that I am in the right to say this: please do not lose your trust in people and continue believing in what fuels your passion when you start growing older. Whether it will be football, biology, psychology, or architecture, follow your dreams and keep going no matter what stands in your way. I wish you would meet at least one childhood friend you could trust with your life since our world became colder over the years, with many people forgetting how to preserve humanity in their hearts. Even though it may be too early to talk about this with you still being in your mother’s belly, I am certain you will start your own family at some point, so I want to see you happily married, raising children and having genuine fun. I hope to see you being an optimist since the very first day you see the light. Over time, I wish you would become a person that other people might always rely on when it comes to difficult life situations that one cannot predict or evade.

The biggest lesson that I have learned over the years was that there could never be any handouts in life to make you wholesome or successful right away. This is why I am asking you to explore the world around you to the max and think out of the box when you will come to this world. You are going to have thousands of opportunities to learn more about the world around you and become the best version of yourself. You can count on me being the shoulder you could lean on anytime, and I need you to become this kind of person for your child, spouse, friends, or the whole community.

As you might have already grasped from the letter, I value humanity and integrity over anything else. This is why I would like you to know that I was a troubled kid that still managed to graduate from college and pursue his dreams while also getting as a God’s gift a fantastic child also known as you! Of course, I have had quite a few victories throughout my life, but none of them is going to compare to your birth and all the effort I will put in to protect your sleep, see your first steps, hear your laugh, and help you get up when you fell down. I know you will become a much better version of me since making your very first steps, my dear.

Of course, I could promise you the moon and the stars since you are my future child and I love you more than life already but let me be a bit less romantic here. I know life is hard, so I promise to be there for you regardless of what happens, from a star-crossed love affair in kindergarten to a visit to the police station to bail you out when you grow older and decide to repeat your dad’s silly mistakes. If you ever get caught up in a tight situation, we will find a way out together. I will always love you, my wonderful future child!

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