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Reasons of Divorce Analysis

First of all it is necessary to mention, that the reasons of divorce may be various. Some of them are rather banal, like material troubles or pestering. The others may be shocking and depend only on the fantasy of the spouses. Nevertheless, the mpst common reasons are regarded to be the following:

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  • Lack of communication between spouses
  • Abandonment
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Inability to manage or resolve conflict
  • Personality Differences
  • Interference from parents or in-laws
  • Lack of maturity
  • Criminal behavior and incarceration for crime

Lack of communication may be caused by the financial troubles, or have any of the named above reasons as the origin. It means, that there are some troubles in the family (financial, psychological, conditional etc). Unfortunately, any reason may cause the stagnation in the relations, and, consequently the lack of communication.

Abandonment generally has the falling out of love, or sexual incompatibility as the origin. One of the spouses finds the lover, and starts devoting too much time to him/her. When the other spouse finds out about this affair, the marriage will ruin.

Alcohol (or drug) addiction is the reason of more than 40% of the divorces all over the world. The fact is that, it depends only on the patience of the spouse, as even love and strong determination to help the addicted husband/wife may end up at any time.

Abuse is the reason, that often ruins not only marriages but also the lives. The abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional etc. Anyway, the marriage where the abuse takes place does not have the future, as the basis of any marriage is the trust and respect of the spouse.

Inability to manage the conflict leads to the further escalation of the dissatisfaction and aggravation of the conflict. When personal diplomatic abilities fail to solve the conflict – there is often no chance to save the marriage.

The personal differences are generally caused by different life experiences. If the spouses are too different in their life views, ways of life, religious beliefs or the life priorities, it is claimed, that they will not be able to live together, until they try themselves in the shoes of the other.

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Often, parents of one of the spouses aim to influence the life of the couple, and it irritates one of the family. Only the person, whose parents interfere the family life of the couple, may solve this conflict. If this person fails to solve the conflict, and parents still interfere the family life, another spouse prefers to abandon the family, in order not to be subjected to this influence.

Lack of maturity often ruins the young couples, who appeared to be ambitious enough to get married at an early age. The fact is that, the lack of maturity may be observed among older people, as some just do not wish to part with childhood, while there is strong necessity to earn the family living, collect money for the improvement of everyday life etc.

The last, but not the least reason is the criminal behavior of one of the spouses. As the lives of the spouses are interconnected, the activity of one will inevitably influence the life of the other. Undoubtedly, the effect of criminal behavior is rather serious, and can not be avoided.

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