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A Social Worker’s Interview and Reflection

Short Description of The Interviewed Worker

Hope for Youth is a nonprofit agency that facilitates positive change in the lives of children, adolescents, and families. Stephanie Rivera-Ayala has a master’s degree in social work and will be taking her license this summer. She has been working for the agency for four years and shows her compassion and love for her job (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). She became interested in the social work sphere during high school and was working in the department for two years while at school. In 2017, Stephanie received her master’s degree and entered work at Hope of Youth (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). She has been working there for four years and has performed in many positions.

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Currently, she holds many responsibilities since she is a case manager in the agency. Her duties include going to court to address her clients, and making reports and presentations in front of the judges about the clients regarding possible changes in their behavior. For example, she can help the young clients keep guardianship over their children, continue to help administrations, soften the punishment for young convicts, or free them from imprisonment (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Stephanie also advises young people to improve their situations and gives her professional consultations. Everyday work includes surveying individuals’ necessities, qualities, and wishes, working with people and families straightforwardly to help them make changes, take care of issues, arrange support, make suggestions or references to different administrations and organizations, and keep elaborate records.

The issues social workers manage are frequently established in social or emotional burden, segregation, poverty, or disability. Social specialists perceive the master plan as influencing individuals’ lives and work for a more equivalent and just society where fundamental liberties are regarded and ensured. She indicates that she did not face the problems of oppression or discrimination at her workplace (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Therefore, prejudice might not be that common in the field of cooperation with Youth.

What I have learned from The Assignment

I understood that the profession of a social worker requires a person to do multitask and be comprehensive to fulfill all the goals and perform the tasks adequately. This is because a social worker has to meet many people from different backgrounds, ages, and socioeconomic statuses. In order to find the common language with all of them and see the case from various aspects, it is necessary to acquire these skills. Being a social worker is regularly difficult but a rewarding vocation. Social workers are liable for aiding people, families, and individuals to adapt to issues they are looking to work on in their patients’ lives. One part of this is helping abilities and creating components for patients to depend on to better their lives and encounters. Social workers address legitimate issues, such as assisting with hearings and reporting crucial information regarding their clients (Abendstern et al., 2020). They likewise take part in research, strategy improvement, and promotion for administrations.

In addition, social specialists should keep up with case history records and plan reports. Social work can be the sort of occupation that requires a lot of extra time and isolating the emotional parts of the work from the obligations required can be a troublesome endeavor. Family, child, or school social work includes giving help and support to work in the community and environment where children and their families reside (Abendstern et al., 2020). The specialists endeavor to expand the academic life of teenagers just as further develop the family’s general prosperity (Abendstern et al., 2020). These experts may help guardians build a connection with their children, help to organize adoption, and address addiction. They address issues like delinquency, awful conduct, adolescent pregnancy, drug use, and horrible scores in schools. They also encourage instructors and go about as contacts between understudies, homes, schools, courts, defensive administrations, and different foundations.

Addictions and emotional well-being social specialists offer help and administration to those battling with undesirable establishing strategies, associating them with offices that serve to show better practices and get patients in the groove again. These patients regularly battle mental and emotional issues, just as addictions and substance misuse issues. Administrations that psychological well-being and substance misuse social specialists incorporate individual and gathering directing, interceding during emergencies, case the executives, client support, anticipation, and schooling. They additionally center around advising families to help with comprehension and managing the patient’s issues.

Achieving regulatory obligations and perseveringly finishing desk work is, for the most part, a prerequisite for social workers, regardless of what their specialization is. Social workers are, for the most part, working from 9-to 5 (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). However, the individuals who offer crisis administrations in medical clinics and different ventures can likewise be doled out to move positions (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Outside visits and gatherings are a consistent test for some specialists, just as high workload and understaffing (Abendstern et al., 2020). These commitments can regularly cause it to appear to be like a social specialist’s work is never done, but the best experts relish the test. Numerous social workers find that regardless of these snags and the troubles introduced by these strains, this field can be exceptionally fulfilling in many ways.

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Social workers intend to work on individuals’ lives by assisting with social and relational challenges, advancing fundamental freedoms and prosperity. Social workers secure adolescents and grown-ups through extensive and caring support. From aiding a family under tension to supporting somebody with psychological well-being issues, social work is a transforming, requesting, frequently enthusiastic and remunerating profession. Numerous businesses across various enterprises are quick to utilize social specialists in light of their skill and preparation (Fulcher & McGladdery, 2011). A social work capability can prompt different work openings working with individuals and arrangement, schooling, exploration, the board, and authority. There is a specific requirement for social workers when customary help structures fall flat in the wake of war or catastrophic events (Fulcher & McGladdery, 2011). Social workers assist individuals with immediate necessities and organize frameworks for the better work of future workers after them. The circumstances they experience can be appalling, like when they deal with children who have a traumatizing past.

Effect of Faith of Clients on The Work

Since the United States is a diverse country and with religion on the ascent, it appears unavoidable that social specialists will be working with individuals of confidence, regardless of whether it is one of the three significant religions or any of the different religions. Numerous social workers discover faith and otherworldliness to be a central piece of their clients’ lives and consider them to be proper to address in treatment (Park & Lee, 2016). There may be disarray and a misconception among the client and specialist concerning religion and some beliefs. In this manner, social workers should never drive their own convictions on clients or permit the profound convictions of their clients to impact their work with clients.

In a few legislative organizations, religion is objectionable in many discussions. Despite this, friendly specialists can unexpectedly fuse it with their clients. Faith is the aspect that will give social specialists and every other person the expectation that all will be well, that when we work for a specific reason with our souls open for acknowledgment, changes do occur (Park & Lee, 2016). Stephanie referenced clients’ beliefs can be clashing in her work, for they would prefer not to acknowledge or make it hard to make changes in their lives (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). It is difficult to explain to them that believing is not enough to make progress. They lack an understanding of the need for action. In the event that a client challenges an expert with their convictions, the professional should address this issue as other types of challenge. Continually speaking with the client and constructing objectives help to keep things in order. However, tolerance and confidence are essential to generate trust. Social specialists should perceive that inside a contemporary setting, there exists an assorted populace joined by a wide variety of strict and profound convictions. Every one of these distinctions can fill in as shared learning encounters for practitioners.

What I Appreciated About the Assignment

I have learned from the meeting that the calling I picked depends on the standards of common freedoms and social equity that serve to engage people, gatherings, and networks to foster their maximum capacity and prosperity. The focal point of mediation in social work is the connection between the individual and their quick and more extensive social climate. By closely communicating with a professional social worker, I realized that I want to help society develop further. I wish to assist people and families in their social work, make society turn out better for people and gatherings, and work with people and groups to work better inside the community and their networks. I hold great respect for Stephanie after interviewing her and learning the responsibilities she holds. As a solitary individual, she makes an honest effort to assist adolescents with getting the right track to having better lives. She addresses, advocates, counsels, and gives various points of view on the best way to accomplish changes in clients. Stephanie has given me more accentuation and motivation to proceed with my vocation.

Social specialists are here to make improvements with their clients. This task has caused me to reconsider if this is what I truly need as a vocation. It has offered me the chance to talk with somebody who has provided me with some excellent individual guidance to push ahead and ensure and deal with myself during troublesome occasions. She shared her insight about the importance of caring for ourselves first. Social workers are human beings, and they can help others only if they are full of resources and take care of themselves to avoid burnout. Although a social worker’s career is generally perceived to be simple, it is more complex than one might suspect. There are a lot of emotions, and the amount of work can be unbearable. Nonetheless, simple gratitude from our clients and the results they achieve make the work worthwhile.

As with other applied sociologies, social work may help people adapt to nervousness, stress, or sadness. Nonetheless, it goes further to help the client access other local area assets and support or enable administrations that might be state-run or secretly worked. I accept that social specialists play out the part of an empowering influence in families, assisting individuals with discovering arrangements. They are specialists or supporters on the off chance that the administration and they are educators as far as data preparation. They are conveners and mediators, and they are mentors for a proficient turn of events. They guide social activities, and they lead outreach in the guide of local area schooling.

The idea of trying myself in the social work area came when I had the chance to observe the social specialist taking care of my mother while she was in the clinic. The worker was all-knowing, proficient, empathic, and humane. She helped my mother to go through the last phases of her life with dignity. In spite of the fact that I have filled in as an LPN in an emergency clinic, I realized I intended to be an emergency clinic social worker. Stephanie performs in an area distinct from my interest and focuses on youth. I would appreciate working with children of the age group she works with, which is starting from as young as 10. Nevertheless, I would prefer to work with all age ranges and in a recognizable setting, a medical clinic.

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Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on The Work

During the emergence of the pandemic, numerous social work workplaces and administrations focus shut their premises. In many cases, social specialists worked from home, reaching clients through telephone or the web. Sadly, the development of phone and online contact rose numerous difficulties (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Multiple clients do not approach the innovation or cannot utilize it or discover it to be conductive (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Troubles in keeping up with confiding in professional associations with new client clients, staying in touch with more established clients, keeping up with significant support of children and families in virtual case meetings, and the effect of breaking terrible news via telephone.

It is challenging to track someone’s state, the behavior and opinions of all relatives, or identify possible oppressive connections. Furthermore, clients may lie or hide the real circumstances when the worker cannot physically inspect or talk with them (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). Challenges in keeping up with protection and classification have to be noted. Relatives in the same room might hear individual discussions (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). This can be dangerous when homegrown maltreatment accomplices cohabitate with the client (Rivera-Ayala, 2021). At the point when eye-to-eye meetings do happen, the utilization of software, and individual defensive hardware hinders correspondence, the capacity to get nonverbal prompts, and the chance of utilizing contact as a token of consolation.

Conclusive Remarks on the Interview

Due to restrictions during the pandemic, I could not participate in 40-hour shallowing or even physically see and talk about the experience and the professional’s roles with the social worker. Even though the conversation with Stephanie was pleasant and informative, a personal meeting would be more engaging. While Stephanie answered questions, she also shared some tips on handling some controversial situations. The interview was helpful in many aspects and grew my motivation to continue pursuing my chosen path.


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